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Hi, I'm Shirley Coulter, CEO

SCSI staff are always happy to hear from members, whether it is to seek information or to make a suggestion for a new service or how we can better support you. Here you will find all the relevant staff contacts to address any queries you may have. I am always happy to chat with members and can be contacted directly at:

Email:  Phone: 01-6445514


Hi, I'm Edward McAuley Assoc SCSI/RICS, Director of Practice & Policy

I can help you with queries like:

  • I need professional and technical advice on surveying best practice?
  • I would like to get more involved with the SCSI – what are my options?
  • I’d like to contribute to a policy submission
  • I have suggestions that I would like to share with the SCSI

Your membership body is supported by many volunteers across Ireland. They shape our professional standards, our policy and advocacy statements, our research and guidance we provide to members and policymakers. If you would like to know more about how you can become more involved and connected with fellow members or wish to explore ways to share your expertise in a way that benefits others, please get in touch.  If you have a query of a professional or technical nature and are looking for a support from the SCSI, please contact me on:

Direct line: (01) 644 5527     Email:

Hi, I'm Katie Dempsey, Policy & Research Executive

I can help you with queries such as: 

  • I am looking for market data
  • I am interested in becoming involved in a SCSI group
  • I have a question about the construction, land or property sector

I am responsible for supporting the SCSI policy and research work programme to ensure that the strategic needs of the SCSI are being met. My work involves gathering evidence based data for our research papers. Access to real-time data supports clear and informed decision-making.  Member expertise is used to support new ideas and new approaches in shaping public policy. 

Direct line (01) 6445513 Email: 


Hi, I'm James Lonergan, Director of Education & Membership

I can help you with questions like:

  • What membership routes are available to me as a senior figure in the industry?
  • What training and upskilling opportunities can SCSI deliver for my staff?
  • Who can I speak to about I gaining SCSI accreditation and other partnership opportunities?
  • How can I collaborate with SCSI in the development and delivery of CPD or training courses?

I lead the Education & Membership Team to ensure that there are clear, focused pathways to Membership and innovative education programmes to support the development of professionals at all stages of their career.  To support this, I effectively develop and manage accreditation standards and strategic partnerships with Higher Education Institutes, other professional bodies and training providers.  I act as the key liaison on all Education and Membership related matters with Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), harnessing value-added services for SCSI members from their global platforms and activities. You can contact me on:

Direct line: (01) 644 5501     Email:

Hi, I'm Ruth Comerford-Morris, Education Manager 

I can help you with queries like:

  • I want to arrange a career talk to promote surveying as a profession, who can I speak to?
  • What study options and supports are available to me on my journey in becoming a Chartered Surveyor?
  • I want to raise the awareness of the routes to membership and the APC in my organisation, can I arrange an information session with the SCSI?
  • How do I become involved in the APC as a supervisor, counsellor, assessor?

As the Education Manager, my objective is to ensure that new and current SCSI members have the opportunity and support to achieve the highest academic standards and levels of professionalism in the industry. In line with this, I am responsible for the development and delivery of new and existing education, training and professional development programmes provided by the SCSI through our corporate training courses and accredited academic third level programmes with our IOT partners. I manage the Assessment for Professional Competence (APC) for trainees on their route to SCSI membership, ensuring that, professional standards and practices are adhered to on the journey to becoming a qualified Chartered Surveyor.  Leading the education and membership team, I oversee and ensure that we deliver a high quality, member focused approach to promoting surveying as a career right through to your continued professional development. You can contact me at:

Direct line: (01) 644 5512     Email:

Hi, I'm Keith Smith, Education Programme Coordinator


I can help you with questions like:

  • I am looking to study surveying in college - what third level courses do the SCSI offer?
  • I am choosing a surveying course - what university courses are accredited by the SCSI?
  • I am looking to change career - who can apply for the SCSI courses and what experience do I need?
  • I am a current student and have a query about my course,  assignments, or exams.

I completed my Ph.D. in history in 2013 and have acquired extensive experience in education over the subsequent six years. I having taught and tutored on a number of third level courses, and have been involved in a number of education programmes aimed at both second and third level students. I’ve worked as a project coordinator on a large digital humanities project funded by the Irish Research Council. As Education Programme Coordinator, I look after the  BSc. (Ord.) in Property & Facility Management and the Higher Cert. in Quantity Surveying (Mechanical & Electrical). This includes liaising with students, lecturers, and TU Dublin administration, and ensuring the successful delivery, promotion and administration of our academic programmes. My goal is to ensure that the third level and professional courses we run here at the SCSI run smoothly, and are as stress-free and enjoyable for our students as possible.

Contact me if you have any questions about enrolling on our third level and professional training courses, or if you are a current student and need any help in relation to coursework, exams or any other aspect of your studies at 

Direct line: (01) 644 5522     Email:

Hi, I'm Stella Foley, APC & Membership Administrator

Stella Foley

I can help you with questions like:

  • What is the process of becoming a member?
  • How do I enroll for the Assessment of Professional Competence (APC)?
  • What’s the route or pathway that is right for me?
  • When do I submit my Final Submission? What are the next steps?
  • I need more information about the APC and my submission, can you help me?

I have been with the Society of Chartered Surveyors since August 2016 and have worked with many different departments in that time bringing a wealth of experience to my role in the Education department. If you have any questions about the APC process you can contact me on:

Direct line: (01) 644 5519    Email:

Hi, I’m Sasha Deegan, Education Programme Assistant

I can help you with questions like:

  • What courses are accredited by the SCSI?
  • What avenue of study is most applicable to me?
  • As well as all questions from currently enrolled students across our courses.

In the role of Education Programme Assistant I help to plan and coordinate SCSI’S courses in Property Studies, Property & Facilities Management and other training courses.

I work closely in conjunction with Keith Smith (Education Programme Co-Ordinator) to ensure the smooth running of our courses, all the while maintaining a high level of adherence to academic regulations and supporting students.

Ensure to have a look at our students section on our website here.

If you require any information or support, you can contact me directly at:

Direct line: (01) 644 5526    Email:


Hi, I'm Gwen Wilson, Director of Regulation

Aine Myler

I can help you with queries like:

  • I am a trainee, or a member and I need guidance on aspects of compliance within the Society’s Rules of Conduct?
  • I need to be statutory registered to use the title Building Surveyor or Quantity Surveyor in accordance with the Building Control Act 2007 and I need guidance on the Statutory process and on aspects of compliance within the Statutory Code of Conduct?
  • I am a dual member of RICS, and SCSI regulate dual members in Ireland on their behalf? Help me understand that more? 

I am the Director of Regulation. I oversee the delivery of the Society’s Regulatory objectives which includes the promotion of ethical/professional standards amongst the membership and implementation of consumer and client protection policies. I play a key role in the Society’s disciplinary process with powers to monitor, investigate apply sanction for non-compliance of CPD. I can refer complaints to the Professional Conduct Committee. I oversee the delivery of Society's Statutory functions as the appointed authority for the registration of Registered Building Surveyors & Quantity Surveyors in Ireland in accordance with Part 4 and 5 of the Building Control Act, 2007 and Part 6, Fitness to Practice. I am also responsible for the delivery of the Society's regulatory services agreements with the Global Standards Body the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) that facilitates cooperation between the organisations in relation to regulation of dual-members.

Direct line: (01) 644 5524     Email:

Hi, I'm Susan Bermingham, Regulation Administrator 

Edel Ryan

I can help you with questions like:

  • How do I make a complaint? What happens if I am subject to a complaint?
  • What are my CPD requirements as a member of the Society? What if I am having difficulties complying?
  • I’m trying to log in and record my CPD and I am having difficulty?
  • I need to remove or reinstate myself to the Statutory Register. What is the process? 

I am an administrator working within the Regulation Department assisting the Director of Regulation to implement the Society’s Regulation Strategy.

Direct line: (01) 644 5502     Email:

Hi, I'm Paddy Darmody, Dispute Resolution Administrator

can help you with questions like:

  • I need a Mediator, Expert, or an Arbitrator?
  • How do I make an application to the Society’s Dispute Resolution Service and what are the costs/timeframe?
  • I am a member and I would like to apply to serve on one of the Society’s Dispute Resolution Panels?
  • What are the criteria and assessment processes?  

I am an administrator working within the Regulation Department assisting the Director of Regulation with the management of the Society’s Dispute Resolution Service and the promotion of Chartered Surveyors in the Dispute Resolution field. You can contact me at



Hi, I'm Edel Ryan, Events and Partnerships Manager


I can help you with questions like:

  • My company would like to partner with the Society
  • I would like to exhibit at an event
  • I’m attending a SCSI event and haven’t got a reply to my question
  • I would like to suggest an interesting speaker/topic

As the Events and Partnerships Manager, I look after all of the logistics and programming of our conferences, networking events and Ireland’s largest Annual Dinner for the property sector. My goal is to ensure members have an interesting and engaging experience at all SCSI events, make new business connections and leave with inspiring ideas on how to grow their business. I work closely with our Events Coordinator who runs our CPD programme. Contact me for any support or ideas you have.

Direct line: (01) 644 5529    Email:

Hi, I'm Michelle Smith, Events and CPD Coordinator

I can help you with questions like:

  • I’m attending a SCSI event and haven’t got a reply to my question
  • I would like to suggest an interesting speaker/topic
  • I need help with checking my CPD hour log 
  • I  have questions about the SCSI CPD programme

Contact me for any of your events and CPD queries. 

Direct line: (01) 644 5500   Email:


Hi, I'm Kieran Garry, Head of Communications

If you have a media query, interview request, or require information relating to any of these areas please contact me directly at:


Tel:   +353 1 6445500

Mobile: +353 87 2368366

Hi, I'm Audrey Jordan, Communications & Digital Marketing Coordinator 

I can help you with queries such as:

  • I have news that SCSI members would be interested in hearing
  • I have an interesting story that the SCSI might like to feature 
  • I'm involved in an SCSI committee and we would like to work with the Communications team 
  • I have an idea or feedback on the Society’s communications 

Contact me for any support or ideas you have at:

Mobile: +353 83 847 7666    Email:

Finance & Membership

Hi, I'm Lynda Carroll, Accounts and Membership Subscriptions Officer

Susan Bermingham

I can help you with questions like:

  • I allowed my membership to lapse how do I reactivate it?
  • I need to have my new employer details included on my invoice.
  • I’m having difficulties paying my subscription online.
  • My circumstances have changed what concessions/supports are available to me?

As the Accounts and Membership Subscriptions Officer, my main role is to manage subscription invoicing and resulting queries including concessionary applications.  I work closely with my colleagues Paul Hutchinson and Michal Ficel in the finance department maintaining proper accounts. We can assist both members and suppliers in account queries. Contact me at

Direct line: (01) 644 5509     Email:

Hi, I'm Michal Ficel, Accounts Administrator

Michal Ficel

I can help you with queries like:

  • I’m having difficulty downloading my invoice
  • Does our company have any outstanding payment due?
  • When I go to pay my bill online, there is an error
  • I’m a supplier, have you received my invoice?
  • What is the P.O. number for the order we are processing?

As the SCSI Accounts Administrator, I am responsible for all credit and debit control activities and general ledger records. My goal is to ensure all financial transactions are recorded correctly throughout the year. I liaise with both suppliers and members alike to ensure the best accounting practice is accomplished for all parties. I work closely with our Accountant Paul Hutchinson. If you have any financial queries you can contact me on:

Direct line: (01) 644 5523     Email:

Hi, I'm Paul Hutchinson, Accountant

Paul Hutchinson

I oversee the preparation of financial statements and management accounts, asset management, and implementation of internal controls and procedures. You can contact me on:

Direct line: (01) 644 5507     Email:

Admin & Operations

Hi, I'm Miriam Smith, Membership Support Administrator & Front of House

I can help you with queries such as:

  • Which is the relevant department/staff member who can answer my query?
  • I have a general query, can you help me?
  • Can you direct me to the correct webpage on your website?
  • I need a surveyor, how can I find the right one?

My role is to be the first point of contact to the Society’s professional members and other stakeholders, as well as improving the communications around that on other areas of interaction (e.g. website, social media, emails). I thrive on helping people get answers to tough questions as quickly as possible. Please contact me with any general or specific queries related to the society. If I can not help you myself, I will be sure to pass your query onto the relevant staff member to assist. You can contact me directly on:

Email:  Phone: 01 6445500

Hi, I'm Patrick King, Director of Strategy, Policy & Corporate Affairs

Patrick King

If you need help with any query that isn’t covered by James and the Education team or Gwen and the Regulation team let me know.

  • I’m not getting the answer to a question that I’ve asked of the Society
  • I’ve read the other staff profiles but still not sure who can help me
  • I have got an idea or feedback on the Society’s services

The Society is lucky to have a great community of members that the professional staff look to support and deliver a range of services for them. I look after a range of teams including – Policy, Regions, & Professional Groups which is headed by Edward McAuley; Events & CPD which is headed up by Edel Ryan; the finance team which is headed up by Paul Hutchinson with member subscriptions looked after by Lynda Carroll; and our front of house team led by Miriam Smith. My goal is to keep our work member focused by ensuring the work of staff supports members as they volunteer, influence, advise, network, develop, engage with their Society. Contact me for any support or ideas you have on:

Direct line: (01) 644 5504     Email:

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