• An Introduction to Discounted Cash Flows and Valuations

  • 15/09/2022

  • 11:00

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  • The use of DCF is growing in popularity amongst valuers notably in specialised sectors such as hotel valuations, PRS/BTR, and student accommodation.  As industry demands continue to evolve particularly in the area of ESG and sustainability, many valuers are considering the use of alternative valuation techniques such as DCF for cross comparative use.

    This tutorial style session is an introduction and refresher for valuation surveyors on basic DCF principles and it’s application in property valuations.  Lena will explain what a Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) is and demonstrate how to set up a simple DCF valuation using basic Excel skills for comparison with traditional appraisal models such as Term and Reversion and Hardcore Methods.  The CPD will cover;

    • Introduction to DCF and demonstrate can how it can be applied in a valuation context.
    • Evaluate and compare the traditional approaches and DCF.
    • Discuss the role of DCF in practice.

    Speaker bios:

    Lena Clarke MRICS, MSCSI, MSc.(REIF), BSc. (Chartered Valuation Surveyor and lecturer)

    Lena Clarke is a Chartered Valuation Surveyor with over 27 years industry experience.  Lena lectures at the School of Surveying and Construction Management, TU Dublin, where she specialises in investment valuations and research in Sustainability and Valuations.

    Emer Byrne MRICS MSCSI, Chartered GP Valuation Surveyor, Lecturer – TU Dublin & member of PSRA board

    Emer Byrne is a chartered valuation surveyor with a degree in science from UCD combined with surveying degree and a Masters in sustainable development from Technological University of Dublin (TU Dublin). She has over 25 years’ experience in the property industry across various sectors including development, valuations, significant infrastructure projects and asset management.

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