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  • 14/10/2022 13:00

  • 14/10/2022 14:00

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  • Education

  • This month our APC Fourm will focus on topics related to the mandatory sustainability competency. APC candidates are required to take this competency to level 2, requiring not only knowledge about sustainability, but also the ability to provide evidence of the practical application of sustainability appropriate to their area of practice.

    The forum will assist trainee members in understanding how they can practice sustainability at work through a discussion of the following topics:

    • Introduction to sustainability and surveying and why it is important.
    • Think in terms of sustainability.
    • The importance of practicing sustainability before preaching
    • An overview of sustainability tools and how to access them.
    • What is the best way to deal with the sustainability obligations of clients? In addition, how can I persuade clients to choose sustainable options?
    • What is the best way to stay abreast of the latest directives and regulations pertaining to sustainability?


    The SCSI Education Team will be joined Aravindh Krishnan Ramesh, SCSI Sustainability And CSR Officer in leading this APC Forum.

    If you wish to contact Aravindh with any queries regarding sustainability, you can get in touch at aravindh@scsi.ie

    CPD Hours: 1

    Online: Zoom

    Trainee member event only

  • 01 644 5500

  • education@scsi.ie

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