• APC New Assessor Training Workshop

  • 10/03/2022

  • 12:30

  • 17:30

  • Online, N/A, N/A

  • As part of our Spring 2022 APC Training calendar, SCSI is providing APC Final Assessment New Assessor Training on Thursday, 10th March.

    We are pleased to announce that Jon Lever, FRICS of DeLever Ltd. will deliver this online training workshop for SCSI Chartered members with 3 years post-charter professional experience, who are seeking to up-skill and become a trained SCSI APC Assessor.

    As an RICS Final Assessment Assessor and Assessor Trainer, Jon has vast experience, and he is a former member of the Governing Council.

    Following the completion of this workshop, in order to further support the growth of your new skillset, you will be invited to join an assessment panel for the following cycle of Final Assessment interviews in order to become a recognised SCSI APC Assessor. The opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the assessment process benefits both your professional development and your employer as you will be able to provide guidance and insight to trainees as they undergo the assessment process.

    APC assessing will also contribute towards your annual SCSI CPD requirement.

    In order to register for the workshop, please email Stella Foley via education@scsi.ie with your contact details and your chartered designation (QS, BS, Valuations, etc.).

    Places are limited to 15 participants

    CPD Hours: 5

  • SCSI Education Team

  • Stella Foley

  • 04 644 5500

  • Education@scsi.ie

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