• Cost Efficient Net Zero with Measurable ESG

  • 10/05/2022

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  • Join us for this 1 hour CPD where we will discuss:

    1. Efficiency v investment – high stakes ESG, no more green-washing, need to first reduce energy consumption before investing in renewables
    2. Existing design limitations – design emphasis away from minimum ventilation to IAQ, performance shift back to chilled water from VRF, design for low temperature heating
    3. IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) vs Energy – opposing forces, finding a suitable compromise
    4. Efficient: The smart way – sweat the existing assets, heat recycling break through, harvest the right building data into high performance algorithms
    5. Micro solutions for macro energy performance – use micro environmental control so the air supply follows the people while the central HVAC plant efficiency increases
    6. Case study: Beyond LEED Platinum – how so much more could be yielded from an already well designed and operated building

    Speaker – Tom Ascough

    Tom began his career working in oilfield services at Schlumberger before pivoting to sustainable building design at Arup. He went on to become a pioneer in HVAC IoT (or ‘Symphony’ as Tom calls it). This led to the creation of the energy efficiency company, Symphony Energy, which he co-founded with Sean Ascough in 2011. Tom is now officially an inventor too with his patented Symphony Cycle set to make a global impact on energy optimisation.

    1.0 CPD Hour

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