• Enabling the regions of Ireland with a focus on housing infrastructure

  • 09/09/2021

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  • Ireland Strategic Investment Fund (“ISIF”) has a mandate to invest on a commercial basis whilst supporting economic impact and employment in Ireland. ISIF has c€9bn of assets under management, completes investments across all sectors of the economy and has flexibility in how it invests – including debt, equity, hybrid and fund based investments. ISIF can take a long term and flexible approach to its investments – underpinned at all times by robust commercial and risk/return analysis.

    Housing Infrastructure Services Company (“HISCo”) is a Joint Venture between ISIF and Cork County Council. HISCo provides a ‘design-build-finance’ service for housing estate infrastructure, on fully commercial terms, to developers and landowners. Such services include roads, footpaths, cycle lanes, water and wastewater facilities, (mains and connections), amenity areas, utilities, public lighting, etc.

    In addition to on-site infrastructure, HISCo also provide solutions to associated off-site infrastructure deficits e.g. Waste Water Treatment Plants, Roundabouts, Link Roads, etc.

    The unique element of the business model is that HISCo will recover its investment in the infrastructure via an infrastructure fee deducted from the proceeds of the sale, or first letting, of each housing unit. Further background information on this new venture can found at www.hisco.ie

    In this CPD session, senior representatives from ISIF and HISCo will explain the mandates and strategies of each business and how their respective activities can support commercial investment in sectors, regions and projects which otherwise may not materialise.


    Donal Murphy is a Senior Investment Director and member of the ISIF management team. He has responsibility for ISIF’s regional enabling, infrastructure and connectivity based investments. Donal has worked with ISIF since 2014, prior to which he led Bank of Ireland’s Project Finance activities in Bank of Ireland where he worked from 2001.

    Niall Morrissey is the CEO of HISCo. Before joining the Company in 2019, Niall worked in Senior Management positions in local government for 20 years. He has worked in local authorities in Kilkenny, Tipperary, Laois and, prior to joining HISCo, as Director of Services for Roads, Transportation and Public Safety in Kildare County Council.

    Niall has an extensive range of Managerial experience having also been employed as Manager of a Voluntary Housing Body and as CEO of South Tipperary Development Company which provides supports to SME’s, entrepreneurs and the unemployed.

    In addition to his Project Management experience within local government and the community development sector, Niall worked for 7 years in the private sector as Business Development Director with the Thornsett Group, a residential and commercial property development firm.

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