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  • 24/02/2021 09:00

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  • The SCSI is delighted to welcome back Ian Van Der Pool MFM, CFM to deliver a 2 day, online, training course ‘The road towards strategic FM: Foundation Training Course ISO 41001: 2018’.

    This course has been developed for use within both public and commercial organisations, with the overarching aim to make sure that this standard was adopted within the organisation by the people managing and delivering FM and facility services. Throughout the past year this course has been delivered internationally and we are delighted to offer this foundation training to SCSI members.

    The art of being relevant
    – Why should one start with ISO41001 in the first place?
    – What is the added value for the participant, the FM professional, the FM organisation, the core business and the demand organisation?
    – How can one successfully ‘sell’ the standard within their organisation and start the implementation process?

    Throughout interactive workshops the course stimulates the process needed for further professional development. Next to a better understanding of the content and value of ISO41001 it creates new insights and inspiration.

    This training course is aimed towards:
    – Facility managers (operational/ tactical/ strategic)
    – COO/ CEO’s of FM organisations
    – Staff advisors
    – Consultants
    – Demand organisations.

    Upon completion of this training participants are equipped with a toolkit to support the evolution of their FM organisation using ISO 41001:2018, including take-aways such as;
    – Better understanding of and alignment with the Demand Organization
    – Tools for a more adaptive and agile approach to FM
    – Better ways for ‘selling’ FM to the C-suite
    – Thorough understanding of ISO41001
    – Loads of inspiration.

    Training Programme at a glance

    Day 1 – 24 February 09.00-13.00
    Clause 4 and 5: understanding the new context for FM and the role of leadership
    – New definition & goals for FM: ISO41011 gives a broad and extremely ambitious definition of FM.
    What does it really mean and what is the impact on FM organizations in relation to ISO41001?
    – ISO41001 follows the High-Level Structure (HLS): why is this and what are the benefits?
    – How to cope with the FM-professional’s balancing act between ‘running the business’ (plan and
    budget) and ‘changing the business’ (clients changing requirements)?
    – VUCA-workshop: interactive workshop aimed at generating a better understanding of the rapidly
    changing world of our demand organization/client and the impact it has on our own world and job.

    Day 2 – 25 February 09.00-13.00
    Clause 6 – 10: understanding and working with ISO41001
    – What is a management system? Is this something new? Will it cause a lot of extra work and costs?
    – System / program approach in ISO: what does it entail and what are the benefits?
    – Understanding the various requirements, clauses and the annexes: step by step approach
    – Interactive and hands-on workshop using ISO 41001: how to prepare successfully for an audit?
    – Conclusion & evaluation

    Course Leader
    Ian van der Pool MFM, CFM is a very active and internationally oriented FM professional. He currently is employed by the Dutch Ministry of Defence, Joint Support Command as head of FM. Here he is – amongst others –responsible for strategic portfolio management, service design and policy development, roll-out and implementation of ISO41001 on 60+ defines locations and improving military lodging.

    Through his companies LHF Ltd. and its sub-brand ISO41001 CSI (Courses, Support & Innovation), Ian is very active in globally promoting the ISO41000-series of FM standards in general and the ISO41001 FM management system standard.

    Currently, Ian is chairman of the European FM standards committee CEN/TC348 (EN15221-series of FM standards). Within the ISO FM standards committee ISO/TC267 he is chairman of AG1 Roadmap (strategic portfolio) and Head of Delegation for the Netherlands.
    Ian is the former chairman of the Dutch FM association FMN and a former director in IFMA’s global board of directors.

    Other places to hear about ISO 41001: 2018
    Book a place at our second SCSI CPD with Ian ‘Where do we stand, one year after the introduction of ISO 41001?’, on 20 January here

    Alternatively, you can watch an introduction to the ISO 41001:2018 FM standard before undertaking this training, by watching Ian’s first CPD with the SCSI from April 2020 here. Alternatively, you can listen to Ian being interviewed on the ISO Show podcast here

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