• Indoor Air Quality and Getting Back to Work Safely

  • 16/03/2021

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  • More than ever the general population is aware that Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) in buildings has a major impact on occupant health, comfort and work performance. Now that employers want to get their staff back to the offices safely , measuring and monitoring IAQ can play a key role in reassuring staff that the environment is safe.

    This CPD will cover:

    · Summary of the medical communities’ views on airborne transmission of viruses in buildings

    · Overview of the important parameters to measure for IAQ

    · How Internet of things (IOT) technology can be embraced to measure and monitor IAQ far more cost effectively than before

    · How to deliver IAQ information to staff

    · How IAQ data can be used for WELL, GRESB, LEED certification.

    Speaker Bio:

    Peter Murphy (BScEng) joined ESB after he completed his engineering degree and spent 29 years in the business. His roles included Energy Efficiency Manager, General Manager of Synergen Power Station, Head of Energy Trading, Commercial Director of ESB International and Managing Director of a UK supply business.

    Peter set up ZiggyTec in 2018. Peter has combined his experience of the energy industry and sustainable practices with the amazing potential that technology is bringing to commercial buildings. ZiggyTec provide a cost-effective data as a service solution for building owners and occupiers. We measure and monitor indoor air quality, energy usage and emergency equipment 24/7, and alert people when things aren’t right.

    Kieran Murphy (BScEng) graduated in 1990 and worked in the oil and gas industry in the 90’s. he then changed career to become a stockbroker and headed up the equity sales desk at BCP Stockbrokers in 1999. This business was sold in 2003 and Kieran set up a Stock Market Training Company (now known as GillenMarkets.com) and sold out his stake in 2006. Kieran has been involved with many startups over the years. Kieran founded ZiggyTec in 2018.

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