• How to prepare an effective Japanese knotweed management plan

  • 02/11/2023 to 24/10/2023

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  • Join us online on 2nd November, for a CPD event featuring insights from our recently launched second edition Japanese Knotweed & Property Information Paper. This latest edition is designed to support members in providing the best advice to clients that encounter this invasive species. In this CPD, Japanese knotweed will be discussed in the wider context of invasive species, why they are a problem for the environment and our economy, and the implications for our health and wellbeing. Then, we will explore how to prepare an effective site-specific plan for Japanese knotweed; how to assess risk of dispersal, and how to determine the best control strategy in any given situation.

    Some of the key topics covered in this edition include:

    Why Japanese knotweed is a problem in the Construction, Land, and Property Sectors
    Identification of Japanese knotweed
    Legislation Governing Japanese knotweed
    Implications of the Legislation for the Construction, Land and Property Sectors
    Correcting Myths and Misinformation about Japanese knotweed
    Situations in which Japanese knotweed can be Problematic
    Advice to clients
    An Assessment Framework for Japanese Knotweed


    Dr Frances Giaquinto CEnv MCIEEM.

    Fran Giaquinto is an independent plant ecologist who has specialised in the effective management of invasive species since 2008. In 2029, she was awarded Chartered Environmentalist status by the Society for Environment in recognition of her work to prove that giant hogweed can be controlled effectively without the use of herbicide. She is currently preparing an invasive species strategy for Galway City for Galway City Council, and writing the first comprehensive invasive species identification key to be published by Pelagic Books in 2024. She has lived in Co. Clare for the last 17 years.

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