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  • 28/11/2023

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  • Join us on the 28th November for a CPD which will help you to learn the art of effectively managing teams, seamlessly aligning their goals with your corporate strategy. Our speaker Val, will guide you through the process of fostering cohesion within your teams and ensuring that their objectives are intricately woven into the fabric of your organisation’s vision. Delve into the nuances of managing individuals, a skill that sets apart exceptional leaders. Val will illuminate the path to aligning individual goals with the overarching corporate strategy, enhancing both productivity and job satisfaction. In the dynamic world of leadership, conflict is an inevitable companion. Discover invaluable strategies for conflict resolution that allow you to navigate challenges gracefully and maintain a harmonious working environment. Finally, unlock the secrets of team motivation. Val will share techniques and insights on how to inspire and guide your team members, extracting their best performances to drive organisational success.


    James Cluskey

    A graduate of LSU James played professional tennis from 2010 to 2015, He had a career high ranking of 145 ATP and played Davis Cup for Ireland from 2006 to 2015. He is a Guinness World Record holder for the longest doubles match playing for 60 hours continuous tennis.

    He is the founder of HC Collective. James believes in human interaction whether that’s in person or remotely. He is passionate about connecting people in order to develop their life and career. In founding Give Learn, an e-learning platform, with both live and on-demand classes from global experts on soft skills, user engagement on the platform is linked to donations to different social causes.

    Val Quinn

    Business trainer and Executive and life coach.  Former Managing Director, The Coca-Cola Company.

    Quinn held various roles whilst working 17 years for The Coca-Cola Company. Her roles included 4 years as managing director of the Irish business, nearly 9 years as Global Customer Director managing the Foodservice and subsequently the Petro-Retail channel. Her final role with Coca-Cola, was as managing director of Costa Coffee responsible for Central and Eastern Europe.

    Since leaving Coca-Cola in 2021, Quinn has launched her own business as Business Trainer as well as an Executive and Life coach.

    Val Quinn became a Global Ambassador for Vital Voices in 2019 and continues to play an active role.   She is also involved in many pro bono and charitable works including Social Entrepreneurs Ireland and as well as being on the Board of Cricket Ireland in a voluntary capacity.

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