• Managing Stress and Improving Wellbeing at Work for 2021

  • 14/01/2021

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  • Have you ever felt isolated, overburdened or unable to detach from work? Do you feel like the work is never done? Do you often feel tired? Or do you sometimes ask yourself, is it me? What can I do? If you have these thoughts, research shows that you are not alone. In fact, more than 50% of European workers believe stress is common at work (European Institute for Construction Labour Research, 2019). And within the construction industry, psychosocial stress is becoming more prominent (Deutsche Sozialversicherung Europavertretung, 2019).

    To prepare for the year ahead, this webinar will focus on the steps you can take to help improve your wellbeing. We will explore some of the drivers and outcomes of stress and burnout at work, with a focus on your industry. And building on that, we will discuss some proactive measures you can take to buffer against them.

    Speaker Bio: Dr. Jennifer Hynes

    Jennifer has several years’ experience lecturing in the areas of Workplace Wellness, Human Resource Management, Organisational Behaviour and Economics in Trinity Business School. She holds a PhD in Organisational Psychology/Behaviour, a Master of Education, a Master of International Economics and a Bachelor of Business Studies (Honours) and Cambridge CELTA.

    Her interests lie in the areas of employee well-being: stress, burnout, work engagement, psychological capital, workaholism and employee motivation. She is a member of the British Academy of Management (BAM), Education Studies Association of Ireland (ESAI) and European Association of Work and Organisational Psychology (EAWOP).

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