• Online CPD: The changing Drone regulatory environment and how this affects the Geomatics Industry

  • 30/11/2021

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  • The SCSI UAV working group with their Chair, Tim McCarthy, are pleased to offer this online lecture and panel discussion, with the invited speaker Mark Prendergast of Safe Drone Academy, on the changing regulatory environment and the resultant impact on the Geomatics Industry.

    This session will include a presentation by Mark Prendergast, followed by a panel discussion with practising Drone Operators within the industry, along with a Q&A with attendees.

    This session will be of interest to you if you are working in the geomatics industry or are a student studying an SCSI accredited 3rd level Geomatics or related undergraduate or postgraduate programme.

    It is expected that an output from this session will include a brief report outlining the key points.  Don’t’ miss your opportunity to get involved!


    Speaker Bio

    Mark Prendergast is Safe Drone’s Head of Training, and has a wealth of experience and know-how in both the drone and aviation worlds. Mark leads Safe Drone’s training and testing and is very much hands on and practical in his approach. He has 20 years flying instruction experience in both the military and commercial flying sectors. Mark is currently a European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) instructor and Captain on Airbus A320/1 aircraft with Aer Lingus.


    1.5 hours CPD

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