• Planning for Daylight and Sunlight

  • 18/04/2023

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  • The 3rd edition of the BRE Report BR209 ‘Site layout planning for daylight and sunlight: a guide to good practice’ was published in June 2022. This presentation addresses the importance of daylight and sunlight for the built environment and gives general advice on overshadowing and provision of daylight and sunlight to buildings in built up areas. It includes an introduction into the contents of BR209 and how to use it, including what is new in the 3rd edition compared to the previous one.

    Speaker Bio:

    Cosmin has over 20 years’ experience of research, design and consultancy in daylighting and electric lighting. He heads the BRE Lighting team, which he joined in 2011. His areas of expertise include: daylight, sunlight, overshadowing and glare for planning applications and Rights of Light issues; light pollution for Environmental Impact Assessments; lighting surveys and optimisation of existing solutions, including post-occupancy evaluation studies; indoor and outdoor lighting impacts on human health, wellbeing and performance; energy-efficient lighting that supports performance, comfort and wellbeing; measurements and 3D computer modelling of daylight and indoor and outdoor electric lighting; and presentations and training on lighting. Cosmin is also a lecturer (teaching) at University College London, The Bartlett, and sits on the BSI lighting standards committee and CIBSE SLL’s Technical and Publications Committee.


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