• Slip Risk Management – Addressing the Elephant in the Room

  • 19/10/2021

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  • A comprehensive CPD presentation on the factors contributing to slip risks, analysing the risk and various remedial solutions to minimize slip risks. Debunking misinterpretations of Slip Risk Management and a few interesting case studies.

    • Understanding the 6 contributing factors to slip risks
    • Understanding HSA recommended Pendulum testing in Risk Management
    • Know the difference between an R-Rating and PTV Value
    • How to prevent rather than react to slips and falls
    • How to measure risk to manage risk
    • Slip Risk Solutions you may not be aware of

    Speaker Bio:

    Richard McNamara founded Total Slip Solutions in 2014. Having worked in Construction, Health, Hospitality & Leisure Industries throughout his career, he recognised a need not only to identify slip risks but also to measure risk potential and thereby providing comprehensive solutions in both Public & Private Sectors.

    Over the past 7 years, TSS has evolved into the leading services & resource company in Ireland for Slip Risk Management. TSS conducts Pendulum Testing (BS 7976-2) both on-site and in-house to measure compliance as per the HSA & UKSRG Guidelines.

    TSS also provide a suite of solutions including specialist cleaning, treatments, products, consultancy and reporting to ensure all clients have the best results and advice no matter how big or small the business.

    Although these services would form the foundation of the business, they are not an exclusive list, and Richard and his team are consistently engaging with other global Slip Risk experts and providers to include a diverse range of solutions.

    Richard McNamara is a member of the UK Slip Resistance Group.

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