• Sound decisions: building insight from acoustic measurements

  • 27/09/2023

  • 11:00

  • 12:00

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  • Join us online on the 27th September for a CPD on sound decisions: building insight from acoustic measurements. Sound and acoustics play a crucial role in our experience of everyday spaces. Our soundscapes significantly impact the well-being, productivity, and overall experience of people in the built environment. This CPD will cover an introduction to the concept of soundscapes and why they are important in our buildings. This CPD will also explore some new trends in commercial real estate towards continuous sound monitoring from wellbeing and productivity, as well as outline some exciting new research being carried out in Ireland to position Irish teams at the forefront of this emerging sector.


    Paul McDonald is Managing Director of Sonitus Systems and is keenly interested in how sounds affect people in their everyday lives. He graduated from Trinity College Dublin with a Masters in Environmental Acoustics and spun out his technology research to form Sonitus Systems. He is a member of the Measurement and Instrumentation Committee of the Institute of Acoustics (UK and Ireland) and his work has allowed him to install acoustic sensors on projects all over the world. He lives in a quiet corner of Wexford and his favourite sound is the wildlife in the woods behind his house.

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