• The Three Essential Negotiation Skills

  • 21/09/2021

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  • This CPD will present the 3 skills required for principled or interest-based negotiation, which first appeared in the seminal text ‘Getting to Yes’ (1992). Principled Negotiation involves disputing or deal making parties attempting to determine each other’s interests, with a view to generating options that satisfy interests of all parties. It is a collaborative method of negotiating that still protects the individual position of the negotiator as well as potentially maximising joint gains.

    This CPD will cover:

    • An introduction to the 7 Elements of Negotiation
    • An introduction to Emotional Intelligence (EI)
    • An introduction to Communication

    Speaker bio: 

    Ronan Gallagher is a Corporate Trainer in the areas of Negotiation, Communication, and Emotional Intelligence. He has delivered and designed executive, masters and diploma courses in negotiation, communication, and emotional intelligence, working with Ireland’s largest training providers and corporates.

    Ronan started his professional life as a Barrister in Dublin, Ireland in 2006. He went on to work internationally in Financial Services, in contentious and non-contentious multijurisdictional commercial matters.

    Ronan left legal practice at the end of 2019, to focus on corporate training. He has written a book named ‘Stop Being Your Self’- It is a book about personality types, emotional intelligence, and mindfulness. It is due for publication September 2021. He is currently writing a second book named ‘Stop Being Your Self- in Negotiations’. It is a book about negotiation theory, personality types, and emotional intelligence.

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