• Time Management – Soft Skills Workshop Series

  • 18/03/2021

  • 09:30

  • 13:00

  • 3.5

  • Live Online Workshop,

  • As the saying goes, “If you want something done, give it to a busy person.”

    The busier we are, the better we have to manage our time.

    Good time management gives you the ability to work smarter, not harder.


    If you would like the tools to get more done, in less time then why not have a look at our upcoming Time Management workshop with Sonya Meekel this March.


    This half day workshop, delivered by Sonya Meekel, will teach you the most effective, practical techniques to help you better manage your time and priorities.

    You will learn:

    • how to better organise your day,
    • how to set achievable goals for your day, week and month,
    • how to keep track of your time to ensure you stay focused,
    • how to tackle unforeseen problems that arise during the day.


    What will the course cover?

    • Learn how to apply the ‘Quadrant Rule’, used by effective, high-performing people,
    • Understand the concept of time your most valuable resource,
    • Identify ways to eliminate ‘time stealers’ and analyse time wasting behaviours,
    • Using the Urgent / Important Matrix to schedule your daily tasks,
    • Prioritising, Planning and Preparation are your (new) best friends,
    • Develop effective strategies for improving time management skills,
    • Learn tactics to deal with unforeseen problems and to get back on track,
    • Learn effective techniques for saying ‘No!’
    • Key tips on using technology to increase your professional and personal productivity.


    Sonya Meekel MBA, MSc, M.A, P.G Dip.Proj Man, P.G Dip Ed, BSc Eng  C.Eng, M.I.E.I.,

    Sonya has over 20 years’ experience in the Construction Industry, and is currently a lecturer in TU Dublin.  She has previously worked as a Design Build Consultant Engineer, and a Project Manager. Sonya graduated from DIT with an honours degree in Structural Engineering, and has since continued her studies extensively, having recently completed a MBA with TU Dublin.


    The delivery of graduates to the Construction Industry prepared for the competitive world is an area of great passion for Sonya. The most recent research from her MBA was the Strategic Imperatives of Soft Skill Training and Development, which she has embedded into her role as Work Placement Coordinator for the Construction Management Programme within TU Dublin.  A passion for Sonya is ensuring that graduates entering the construction industry are fully prepared for its competitive and challenging environment.


    Sonya has a strong commitment to research and scholarly activity.  She lectures in Construction Management at TU Dublin, College of Engineering and Built Environment, where she specialises in People Management, Soft Skill Development and Health and Safety.

    CPD Hours: 3.5

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