How we’re Implementing Surveyors Declare at Cushman & Wakefield Ireland

How we’re Implementing Surveyors Declare at Cushman & Wakefield Ireland

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John Shannon MSCSI MRICS 

Associate Director at Cushman& Wakefield Ireland In 2021, Cushman & Wakefield Ireland signed up to Surveyors Declare and since then we have used the declaration as a framework to assist us in becoming a more ethical and sustainable business. We have reviewed our business and operations and have implemented a number of initiatives as part of our sustainability journey.


We have committed to reducing our carbon footprint by sourcing our electricity from a 100% renewable provider. We are also upgrading all lights in our office to energy efficient LED panels.

Working in property, we tend to be out of the office allot, on inspections, meeting clients, showing buildings etc. In our view, a key element of being a sustainable business relates to helping co-workers make healthy, sustainable and ethical choices around how we travel to and from work and how we move around the city. To facilitate these choices we will, in 2022 be replacing our existing pool cars with electric vehicles and will support co-workers with onsite electric bikes and access to city bike sharing schemes.



As part of our existing operational policies we have a recycling program in place. However, to take this to the next stage and improve the recycle rates and lower the waste going to landfill, we have begun to monitor our tonnage because you can’t improve what you don’t measure.


Surveying Activities

We have reviewed our procurement policy and we have prepared a questionnaire to assess vendors sustainability policies. The answers of this questionnaire will help inform our decision making and allow us to make sustainable and ethical choices about which vendors we work with and will lead to vendors implementing their own sustainability polices.

Its important to note that sustainability is not just about building performance but also impacts on building occupants’ heaths and well-being. In 164 Shelbourne Road we have implemented a biophilic design and have increased the numbers of plants both in client facing areas and workspaces. Biophilic design improves cognitive function, supports physical health and improves psychological well-being. The simple presence of living plants has been proven to boost creativity. Having live plants in an office also improves air quality by absorbing CO2 and volatile organic compounds and can reduce dust levels by 20% while helping to boost humidity levels.



We have engaged with the all-Ireland pollinator plan and have worked with clients to help support this program. This includes installation of beehives and promotion of biodiversity through natural regeneration at client sites throughout the country.

Globally, Cushman & Wakefield have committed to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions including a reduction in absolute scope 1 & 2 GHG emissions by of 50% by 2030. This will include our offices and facilities managed by C&W. Additionally, by 2050, we have pledged to achieve net zero emissions across our entire value chain, encompassing all direct and indirect business elements that contribute to GHG emissions (scopes 1, 2 and 3).

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