The Surveyor’s Role in Commercial Retrofitting | Sustainability Week Series


On the third day of the Sustainability Week Series, we will have our SCSI member Krystyna Rawicz, who will talk about the key role of the surveyors in the retrofitting of commercial properties. 

Krystyna has over 35 years of experience in Project Management and Building Surveying. During that time, she has worked in private practices, and local governments and has established her project management and building surveying company, KRA Visionary Project Partners.


Event Details

SCSI's Sustainability Week Series is a lunchtime webinar with different speakers presenting on various Sustainable Built Environment topics.

The new decade has opened up opportunities and shown us the need to act swiftly against the effects of climate change. From consumer demand to political turmoil, many events happening worldwide directly or indirectly influence the Built Environment industry to become more sustainable.

Join us in this webinar series to learn more about how we can build for all and build for the future.

Date: 5 October 2022

Start time: 13:00 GMT

End time: 14:00 GMT

Venue: Zoom

Phone: 01 644 5520


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