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In the event that you believe that you have submitted a student membership application previously, please contact us first to avoid submitting a duplicate application. Please contact us at 01 644 5500 or

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Please upload a picture of your valid student card from your college authorities confirming your enrolment on the above course. Failure to upload a valid ID card will result in your application being automatically rejected.
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Upload a supporting letter that confirms your enrolment. Do not upload: SUSI letter, email showing your fees etc. The letter must be from the registration office confirming your enrollment ONLY. Failure to upload a valid letter will result in your application being automatically rejected.
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On being admitted to the grade of student member, I undertake not to use, or permit to be used in conjunction with my name, or with the name of any firm or practice with which I may currently be associated, any designation or expression whatsoever denoting or suggesting membership or attachment to the Society. By submitting my application, I agree to allow the Society to remove my access in the event that I am not enrolled in an accredited course or if I leave my course before completing it/graduating.