What We Do

What We Do

What We Do


Representing the profession in the public interest 

As the leading membership body for professionals in the property, construction and land sectors, promoting and defending the interests of members through professional representation is the Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland’s number one priority.

The SCSI is committed to producing high-quality research on a wide range of economic, industry and practice-related issues within the construction, land and property sectors.

The Society also produces and disseminates surveys of members on the key market issues at regular intervals and provides authoritative commentary and analysis on the implications for business, individuals and the economy.

Providing independent, impartial professional advice to government departments, policy makers, state agencies, businesses and other key stakeholders, for the public advantage, is a key function of the Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland.


Supporting a highly skilled surveying profession

The Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland sets standards for entry into the surveying profession and accredits construction, land and property undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in several leading Irish Institutes of Technology.

In order to become a Chartered Surveyor, typically, candidates must have a recognised surveying-related degree and have completed the Assessment of Professional Competence (APC), a two-year period of structured practical training which culminates in a professional interview.

Members are recognised by designatory letters:
AssocSCSI/AssocRICS – Associate*

The Society also delivers a comprehensive annual Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programme to ensure that members can meet the highest standards of competence and professionalism. Members are required to complete sixty hours of CPD over three consecutive years.



Enforcing the highest professional standards for the benefit of the public, consumers and SCSI members

Every member of the Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland is regulated by the Society on all matters for which individual member are responsible and accountable in their professional lives.

The SCSI, through its professional groups, and in conjunction with RICS, develops professional standards, guidance and information to ensure that it meets its core objective of protecting the public interest.

The Society monitors, guides and assists members to comply with rules, regulations and ethical standards. We review and investigate complaints we receive about members and, where appropriate, take disciplinary action in cases where members fall short of the standards expected of them. This process is overseen by a committee composed of members and a majority of independent non-members and ensures the delivery of a fair regulatory process.


Member Services

Whether it is a time of growth or a time of uncertainty being a member of a highly respected professional members organisation such as the SCSI brings many benefits.


Benefits of SCSI Membership

1) Professional Status – Achieving chartered status and becoming a member of the SCSI means you are recognised both by professional colleagues and by the general public as an expert in your chosen field. Being a chartered surveyor can provide you with a competitive advantage over non-members in the property and construction industry.

2) Regulator – The SCSI enforces the highest standards in construction, land, and property and as such the designation is a mark of excellence and quality assurance which demonstrates that you adhere to the highest professional and ethical standards.

3) Advocator – As the leading membership body for professionals in the property, construction and land sectors, the SCSI’s number one priority is promoting and defending the interests of members through professional representation. The central role of the SCSI in drafting protocols for the construction and property sectors during the Covid-19 crisis, while liaising closely with government departments, agencies and other stakeholders shows just how important that representation is.

4) Educator – Maintaining the highest professional standards is key for the Society and in partnership with the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors it provides a CPD programme for members which ensures they stay abreast of the latest developments in the sector. This gives you a distinct edge in terms of the quality of your qualification, your commitment to continuing professional development and the assurance that you belong to a regulating body.

5) Thought leader – As a regular publisher and contributor to reports, articles, consumer columns and debates across the print, broadcast, social and online media the SCSI is seen as an authoritative commentator on all property and construction related matters.

6) Networking – The importance of staying connected with colleagues and friends and having a support network cannot be underestimated. The SCSI hosts numerous conferences, seminars, dinners, sports, and charity events as well as CPD programmes throughout the year. Meeting and networking with colleagues are key elements of all these events. Despite Covid-19 the SCSI is continuing to host a range of events while ensuring that ‘virtual networking’ continues.

7) Trusted adviser – The Society is a source of independent and authoritative research for the property and construction sector, an influential contributor to policy formulation and a trusted adviser to government, state agencies and industry stakeholders.

8) International – By becoming a member of the SCSI, you gain a portable, globally recognised qualification which enables you to be part of an international community with opportunities to network with other top-quality property professionals and to work or travel abroad.

9) Communicator – The Society keeps members informed with what is happening in the property and construction sectors via its social media channels, weekly ezines, news updates, and of course through The Surveyors Journal which is published each quarter.

10) Services – Members can avail of  a range of services and special offers via their membership eg HR advice from Adare Human Resources, discounted PPE from trusted suppliers and support for surveyors and their families if required from LionHeart, the charity for chartered professionals, both current and retired.

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