What’s my House Worth?

What’s my House Worth?

What's my House Worth?

We are often asked the question, ‘What is the value of my home’. Many people who ask this question are generally thinking of selling. Your local SCSI estate agent can advise you on its value but there are other sources of information that are very useful to check this against. The Residential Property Price Register, contains information of sale prices for homes across Ireland and this will help you when deciding on the price to seek when you go to the market.

Given the increasing complexity of acquiring or disposing of real estate, and the need to liaise with multiple professionals including solicitors, financial institutions and building energy specialists, the chartered agent is the primary interface in the selling or leasing process and is the responsible professional to ensure a smooth process.

Furthermore, with ever changing legal and regulatory requirements, the SCSI accredited member will ensure that all relevant obligations will be fully adhered to. A chartered agent will:

  • Hold Public Liability insurance to protect the client
  • Be fully licenced by the Property Service Regulatory Authority
  • Be subject to continuing professional development (CPD) hours each year
  • Have access to reliable market data for the purpose of valuations & market appraisals
  • Have access to a substantial network of other disciplines in the SCSI including planning & development surveyors, building surveyors, quantity surveyors and property management surveyors.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing an estate agent

Once you have decided to sell you may decide to engage the services of an estate agent to put your property on the market for sale. The estate agent sells your house for you and tries to make sure you get the best possible deal.

You pay them a fee for acting on your behalf, so you need to make sure you employ a reputable firm. Ask the estate agent if they are a member of the SCSI and that they follow the guidance
set out in the Real Estate Agency Practice Manual.

Agents need be licensed by the State in order to sell property in Ireland. This license is issued by the Property Service Regulatory Authority (PSRA). Ask to see evidence of their PSRA licence.

More information on the PSRA can be found at www.psr.ie.

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