What is an apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship is a programme of structured education and learning which formally combines and alternates learning in the workplace with learning in university or a further education setting. It is dual system, a blend of on-the-job employer-based learning and off-the-job learning.

Apprenticeship is an exciting and proven way for employers to develop talent for their company and industry. They are designed by industry-led groups, supporting growth and competitiveness. Apprentices earn while they learn and build valuable work-ready skills in a chosen occupation. Apprenticeships open up exciting and rewarding careers, with learning grounded in the practical experience of undertaking a real job.

Why Choose Apprenticeship?

  • LEARNING: Develop your skillset & expertise with real-world learning

    For apprentices, learning surveying steps out of the classroom and into the real world. Get hands-on, real-world experience of your career in surveying.

  • FINANCIAL GAIN: Earn while you learn

    Stay ahead of the curve by earning money while you attain your degree.

  • COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE: Get ahead with work experience

    Gain work experience by working while you study. By working as you learn, you will have valuable experience and industry knowledge right when you graduate!

  • JOB OPPORTUNITIES: Secure your job faster

    Apprentices gain a great advantage in securing a job after graduation. Graduates often continue with their apprenticeship company after graduation or benefit from having both a degree and experience when applying for jobs!

  • SCSI ACCREDITATION: Achieve professional recognition

    Set yourself up for success by getting an SCSI accredited degree which will enable you to apply for membership after graduation. By becoming a Chartered Member of the SCSI and RICS, you not only gain elite professional standing in Ireland but also internationally, opening doors to new opportunities.

Apprenticeship Programmes:

Become an Apprentice Employer

Becoming an apprentice employer is an excellent way to grow your team with a pipeline of motivated and skilled employees. By getting involved in this programme, employers also improve their staff retention rates and benefit from having graduates with on-the-job experience. 

The SCSI Education team are here to support members and member firms that are looking to hire apprentices. Click on the individual programmes to find out more or contact us below. 

Find an Apprenticeship Job:

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