Why Build A Career With Us

Why Build A Career With Us

Why Career With Us

Surveying is not a single career, but a collective name for a group of careers within property, construction and land.

Surveying careers are surprisingly varied and include quantity surveying, estate agency, valuation and investment, project management, property and facilities management, land surveying and mapping, planning and development and mining.

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Looking for a career path? 10 Reasons to Choose Chartered Surveying

1. Fewer graduates mean more jobs 

Recent findings indicate that there will be a substantial deficit of surveyors in the construction and property industry to meet the predicted future demand for the construction sector in Ireland. This is good news for students who take up surveying. They are almost guaranteed a job at the end of their four-year degree.

2. Fewer graduates also mean better starting salaries

Let’s face it, money is an important factor when choosing a career and with rising rents and cost of living, graduates want to know that they will make a nice wage at the end of their four-year degree. If people are prepared to work hard, employees will be rewarded.

3. Opportunities to travel

Travel is always alluring, especially to young people and chartered surveying graduates can have their pick of countries to work in, according to Aine Myler, Director of Operations at SCSI. She says graduates who have achieved their chartership have taken up jobs in their droves in other jurisdictions. “Many of our surveyors have travelled to the Middle East, Canada and Australia because (the charter) is automatically recognised as an accreditation and they are able to get jobs on some very exciting projects straight away.”

4. It’s a great career for women

Surveying has often been seen as a male-dominated industry but Myler insists it’s a great career for a woman. “Sometimes people feel there is a need for physical strength in surveying but there isn’t. Women tend to be better people persons and the skills they offer are absolutely applicable to this range of opportunities.”

5. Lots of jobs available at home too

Research shows that, based on a conservative forecast of economic growth up to December 2019 (3 per cent growth per annum), over 2,000 new jobs are expected to be created across the surveying profession. Looking at current student enrolments on surveying courses, there will only be enough Irish graduates to fill half of those positions.

6. Ability to move around sectors

There’s lots of scope to move around sectors. There is also the opportunity to expand your skill base because it’s such a wide, diverse profession. “A lot of people who start off in the quantity surveying side of the house go in to project management after a period of time. Transference of skills and qualifications are actually quite good and varied,” Myler says.

7. There are lots of exciting jobs within the industry

Geomatics is one of the most in-demand technical skills in the world. Geomatics surveyors map, measure and interpret the world and the geographical information they provide helps governments, businesses and organisations make informed decisions.

There is also another side to it. Certain scenes in James Bond’s Casino Royale were created by geometrics surveyors who make computer-generated 3D images.

8. Opportunities to work with large multi-national companies

With the recovery in the property market, international companies have bought large tranches of land in Ireland and some are looking to stay and develop a real business model. Myler says graduates like the fact they are now working for global companies as that provides them with an opportunity to travel. It could also see them working in the head offices of tech giants like Google and Facebook as facilities managers.

9. Every day is different and requires good people skills

Not many people like to be chained to a desk and with surveying there are plenty of opportunities to get out and about. For example, property roles such as residential and commercial estate agency provide a lot of time outside the office. “There is a need for good soft skills and people skills too and it’s not all cerebral,” Myler says.

10. Great opportunities for career progression

There is a shortage in all areas including quantity surveying, geomatics, property, building surveying, asset management and valuations – hence there are fantastic opportunities. Career progression can take surveyors in many directions and they can work in many sectors.


Employers Value & Look for Professional Qualifications

88% of multinationals say professional qualifications are important in inspiring trust and confidence when recruiting staff in Ireland. 94% express that professional qualifications give them confidence in terms of the standard of the individuals they are recruiting or hiring.

This survey was carried out by Behaviour & Attitudes from 26 April – 9 May 2018 with senior executives across 50 multinational companies. The research was commissioned by a large group of professional bodies.



Competitive Edge

“Having worked with a multidisciplinary professional practice in Dublin and a private practice for a number of years I have always understood the importance of the Chartership qualification. However, it was not until I opened up my own practice that I fully appreciated the full benefits that the Chartership gives me. One of the first questions that most commercial practices and clients ask me is “Are you a full member of the SCSI?” I consider the Chartership to be essential in order for me to generate business and get instructions. It is the industry benchmark in terms of qualifications.”

Andrew, Chartered Building Surveyor

International Opportunity

“I am travelling the world at present and I am currently based in New Zealand. Having an internationally recognised qualification like the Chartership has helped me greatly in terms of securing relevant employment in surveying while abroad”.

Cormac, Chartered Quantity Surveyor

Professional Development

“I graduated from college in 2007 and I currently work with Irish Estates Management Ltd. I have almost one year completed of my APC. Already I can see that the Chartership is the ‘Gold Standard’ in terms of qualifications for the industry that I work within. While it is a demanding process, it provides me with a focus and structure to develop my surveying skills and I really enjoy the challenge.”

Mark, Building Surveying 


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