Information For Registrant

Information For Registrant

Code of Conduct for Statutory Registrants

Registered Building and Quantity Surveyors, once registered under the Building Control Act, 2007 must comply with the Registration Body’s Code of Conduct. 

The Registration Body writes and updates as necessary, the Code of Conduct, following consultation with interested parties, including the Competition Authority. 

Quantity Surveyor Code of Conduct

Building Surveyor Code of Conduct

All registrants should familiarise themselves with their relevant Code of Conduct. For further queries on the Codes of Conduct, email the Registrar at



Publication of Registrant Information on the Public Register

The Society for Chartered Surveyors Ireland is charged with maintaining a Statutory Register of Building Surveyors and Quantity Surveyors under Part 4 & 5 of the Building Control Act 2007.

At present, the Public Register publishes the names and registration numbers of the Registrants

In the future, the address provided by Registrants will be made to the public for the reasons outlined below:

– Because consumer protection is the driving force behind the Building Control Act, it is imperative that the register be readily accessible, up to date and very clear.
– Potential clients and users of surveyor services are located all over the country and range from individuals and families undertaking work to their homes through to International Corporations.
– The multiple occurrence of particular names, within local areas and nationally, is common in Ireland. For this reason, a register publishing only the individual’s name is inadequate and including a business address would help potential clients to ensure that registration information relates to the service provider(s) they are considering.

If you are a Registrant, the following data will be published publicly:
Registration number
Full name
Address (primary address)

Please check, update or amend this information, My SCSI Account Details, login and amend primary address information.

In joining the Statutory Register you acknowledge that this information will be made public. We recommend that you use your business or work address for the Public Register. However, if you use your home address and do not wish this to be published publicly, please contact us at In such cases, only the county of your address will be published.

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