Why Become a Chartered Member

Why become a Chartered Member?

The SCSI is an internationally recognised professional body that provides Surveyors with a valuable designation, a mark of excellence that is valued throughout the property and construction industry worldwide.

Find out how becoming a chartered professional can take your career to the next level:

Global Accreditation: Achieve professional recognition

Attain the highest professional accreditation and status for your industry. By becoming a Chartered Member of the SCSI and RICS, you not only gain elite professional standing in Ireland but also internationally, opening doors to new opportunities.

Career Development: Expand your career & earning potential

Fast-track your career and optimise your earning potential both in Ireland and internationally. Chartered status is the gateway to senior management roles and increased earning potential.

Competitive Advantage: Set yourself apart

Gain invaluable credibility and stand out to clients and employers. Being a Chartered Member sets you apart and ensures your CV makes its way to the top of the pile when pursuing career opportunities in Ireland and around the world.

Valuable Connections: Build your professional network

Connect with professionals in Ireland and across the globe and build meaningful business connections unlocking new opportunities and industry insights.

Thought leadership: Develop your skillset & expertise

Stay ahead of the curve and grow your expertise and knowledge with our latest professional guidance, market insights, continued professional development courses, and business advice.

Competitive Advantage

Stand out to clients & employers.

International Opportunity

Unlock your career potential in Ireland and around the world. 

Professional Development

Be a leader in your industry with the latest insights & guidance.


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