Space, Surveyors & Students

Space, Surveyors & Students

Space, Surveyors & Students

Maynooth University, TU Dublin, Esri Ireland, the Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland & Ordnance Survey Ireland are offering free STEM training to Junior Cert teachers/students to demonstrate how space data, particularly free Copernicus satellite imagery, can be used to help address the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


What is 5*S? 

5*S is a national SFI /ESERO funded STEM out-reach project that can help you take the an-swers to many space questions into the class-room! Now more than ever we need to under-stand how to address climate change justly.

The project will partner Chartered Surveyors with schools to demonstrate the uses of satellite earth observation and GIS to explore environmental issues and their long term effects. Geographers, scientists, chartered surveyors, teacher educators and other expert partners in this project are working to create teacher professional development materials and opportunities for post-primary schools.

Teachers with Junior Cycle classes in Science or Geography and with an interest in teaching how the UN Sustainable Development goals can be understood and addressed in practical ways through these subjects should apply.

Contact us to help bring a 5*S programme to a school near you or to volunteer with 5*S

Contact us to find out about our two hour introductory online work-shop for interested teachers. The workshop helps to demonstrate  applications of earth observation and GIS data.

Or contact us to arrange a full online classroom demo and/or school visit.

Are you a geomatics surveyor interested in helping the next generation get into geomatics? Contact us to help be part of the 5*S programme.

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