Local Property Tax: Tips for homeowners making a valuation

Local Property Tax: Tips for homeowners making a valuation

SCSI Ten Tips for homeowners making a valuation

We’ve compiled 10 top tips to assist home owners with property valuation assistance for Local Property Tax valuations. The SCSI encourages homeowners to use the resources below and if you experience doubt call a professional for assistance.

1.Act now and prepare your submission in good time

2.Use the Revenue Commissioner’s Property Valuation Guide at LPT (revenue.ie)

3.Check recent sales in your area on the Property Price Register Residential Property Price Register – Home Page

4.When studying the PPR make sure you are comparing like with like

5.For example overall size, no of rooms, condition, positioning, orientation

6.Ask yourself if you would be happy to sell your property at this valuation

7.Check how much LPT you will pay at this or other bands at Calculate your Local Property Tax (revenue.ie)

8.If you still have concerns, call a chartered surveyor valuer or estate agent

9.When you’re happy with the valuation proceed and submit your valuation online via myAccount (ros.ie), LPT (revenue.ie) or in paper form using the LPT1 form before the deadline 

10.Alert family members / neighbours who may not be aware of their obligations


Need further assistance? Talk to a property expert in your area

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