Maintain The Standards

Maintain The Standards

Regulation and Standards Governing Committee

The Standing Committee on Regulation oversee the delivery of the Society’s regulatory policy objectives.  The Committee, with its chair and the majority of its members being independent from the profession, introduces cohesive oversight to how we set and enforce the highest standards so that we continue to deliver confidence. 

Committee Membership

Shane McCarthy Solicitor  (Chair) 

Richard Hammond (Independent)

Graham Knowles (Independent) 

Caitriona DeBurca (Independent) 

Helen Fletcher (Chartered Surveyor)

Thomas Freeman(Chartered Surveyor) 


Professional Rules of Conduct

These Rules of conduct apply to all members of the Society and set out the standards of professional conduct and practice expected of members of the Society. The Rules and accountability procedures are designed to establish trust in the Society and its members, to protect the public and uphold the reputation of the profession.

They cover those matters for which individual members are responsible and accountable in their professional lives and also those matters that are responsibility of firms. These Rules together with all Society published applicable standards set out the principals by which members should be guided. 

SCSI Rules and Procedures

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