Remuneration Survey

Remuneration Survey

Remuneration and Attitudes Survey 2019

The SCSI Remuneration and Attitudes 2019 Report has become a reliable reference document among all surveying disciplines, both for employees and employers across Ireland. We are delighted to present to you our third edition.

Activity in the property and construction sectors remain positive with members reporting continued demand for services across most of the country. Businesses outside our major urban centres, particularly smaller businesses, continue to report challenging trading conditions as local investment and local trade is still lagging expectations.

Set against this backdrop, our report looks at median salary levels in Dublin and the rest of the country. Dublin salaries attract a premium as expected of approximately €11,000. This is obviously a result of the higher accommodation costs and general inflationary costs of living in the capital.

The number of school-leavers considering property, land and construction surveying courses is on the rise according to the latest CAO results, as knowledge of opportunities in the sectors spread and they are seen as attractive career choices once again. Our ‘Employment Opportunities and Future Skills Requirements for Surveying Professions Report 2018 – 2021’ maps the growing need for surveying professionals due to increased activity levels and pent-up demand for professionals across the board. We hope these reports are successful in highlighting the significant benefits of a career in surveying, especially to school-leavers.


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