Surveyors Declare

Surveyors Declare

Climate change is one of the greatest threats of our time and has far reaching implications for the real estate industry, and all our futures. With the built environment contributing approximately 40% of the energy-related carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions in the World, the thought of tackling this challenge can seem daunting. This framework serves as a first step towards tackling this challenge within our own practices and homes.

As Chartered Surveyors, we are aware of how our business activities impact upon the environment, and we are committed to ensuring that these activities have the least possible detrimental effect on the environment.

As members, we commit to following sustainable business practices in our day-to-day operations, and encouraging and supporting our clients and colleagues to instill these practices in their lives also.

Our declaration is as follows

I will:

  • strive to limit the use of fossil fuels in my practice

  • act in accordance with the best principles for the mitigation of environmental harm and the enhancement of environmental quality for all

  • strive to ensure that the uses of natural resources are fair and sustainable taking account of the needs of a diverse society

  • use my skills and experience to serve the needs of the environment and society

  • serve as an example to others for responsible environmental behaviour

  • be aware of, and aim to observe and support the United Nations Sustainable Development goals:

I am committed to:


  • Reducing my carbon footprint as much as possible.
  • Optimising energy efficiency and conservation in all operations
  • Reducing the impact of transportation in my business activities


  • Actively promoting reduce, reuse and recycling in my office and/or workplace
  • Minimising waste generation and unnecessary resource usage during the stages of planning, design and operation of new and existing business activities.

Surveying Activities:

  • Ensuring environmental practices are included in my assessment of suppliers and contractors and that their performance in this area forms part of the selection criteria utilised.
  • Purchasing products and services that have the least known environmental impact, where this is feasible.
  • Encouraging suppliers and contractors to implement sustainable environmental systems.
  • Minimising the use of hazardous chemicals and solvents and instructing agents acting on my behalf to do the same
  • Using materials, fittings and furnishings from sustainable sources where feasible.


  • Optimising water efficiency and conservation in all operations
  • Mitigating risk of polluting water courses


  • Endeavour to incorporate biodiversity in both new build projects, infrastructure projects and in managing existing buildings.
  • Take measures to avoid impact on ecosytems and where impacts cannot be avoided, take measures to reduce the duration or extent of impact

Surveyors Declare Signatories:

First NameLast NamePrimary Professional Group
ManusAgnewValuation Surveyor
StephenAsheQuantity Surveying
DeclanBagnallValuation Surveyor
DeclanBaxterValuation Surveyor
MaureenBayleyValuation Surveyor
FergalBeaconQuantity Surveying
CliveBeattyProperty & Facility Management Surveyor
EdwinBecerraQuantity Surveying
AvrilBehanGeomatics Surveyor
DannyBonnerBuilding Surveying
DavidBourkeQuantity Surveying
DerekBrennanQuantity Surveying
GarethBrownBuilding Surveying
RichardBuchananQuantity Surveying
SimonBullValuation Surveyor
AlfieBurnsQuantity Surveying
EmerByrneValuation Surveyor
RoyByrneBuilding Surveying
SeanByrneBuilding Surveying
ShaunaByrneQuantity Surveying
VincentByrneQuantity Surveying
AimeeCaffertyProperty & Facility Management Surveyor
ConorCahalaneGeomatics Surveyor
JohnCairnsProperty & Facility Management Surveyor
ShaneCaldwellProperty & Facility Management Surveyor
AonghusCallananQuantity Surveying
BruceCampbellValuation Surveyor
AndrewCarlinQuantity Surveying
DenisCarronQuantity Surveying
SamCarthyValuation Surveyor
LisaCassidyCommercial Agency Surveyor
SathishChandragiriQuantity Surveying
DavidClarkeValuation Surveyor
LenaClarkeValuation Surveyor
ColinClearyQuantity Surveying
T.J.ClearyQuantity Surveying
KieranClohessyQuantity Surveying
DarylCodyQuantity Surveying
ElaineCoghlanProperty & Facility Management Surveyor
NiamhComberResidential Agency Surveyor
HelenConnaughtonValuation Surveyor
Micheál RConnollyQuantity Surveying
NeilConnollyQuantity Surveying
TomCorrValuation Surveyor
JohnCorridanValuation Surveyor
EmmaCourtneyValuation Surveyor
JosephCoyleQuantity Surveying
SarahCritchleyValuation Surveyor
RowenaCrowleyValuation Surveyor
KatherineCruiseValuation Surveyor
DavidCullenBuilding Surveying
JennaCulliganCommercial Agency Surveyor
NiallCurleyProperty & Facility Management Surveyor
PatrickCurranCommercial Agency Surveyor
NigelCusackQuantity Surveying
CormacDalyBuilding Surveying
PaddyDarmodyCommercial Agency Surveyor
RobertDeaneQuantity Surveying
EdgarDelaneyGeomatics Surveyor
IanDevaneQuantity Surveying
DenisDohertyBuilding Surveying
ConorDolanQuantity Surveying
MaryDoyleResidential Agency Surveyor
JamesDrewBuilding Surveying
JamesDuffyQuantity Surveying
NiallDullaghanBuilding Surveying
NiallEganProperty & Facility Management Surveyor
LilyEllisProperty & Facility Management Surveyor
CatherineEnnisValuation Surveyor
SeanEnrightQuantity Surveying
OrlaFeerickResidential Agency Surveyor
EndaFieldsBuilding Surveying
JasonFinchValuation Surveyor
EvelynFineganCommercial Agency Surveyor
LisaFinnValuation Surveyor
BarryFinneganProperty & Facility Management Surveyor
SarahFinneganValuation Surveyor
PaulFinucaneValuation Surveyor
PaulFisherProperty & Facility Management Surveyor
MiguelFitzgeraldProperty Finance & Investment
DarrenFitzsimonsValuation Surveyor
PeterFlanaganValuation Surveyor
MaryFlynnQuantity Surveying
RossFogartyValuation Surveyor
WilliamFurlongProperty & Facility Management Surveyor
IvanGaineValuation Surveyor
AnnamariaGallivanValuation Surveyor
KieranGalvinValuation Surveyor
SarahGarryCommercial Agency Surveyor
EamonGaviganResidential Agency Surveyor
NessanGearyQuantity Surveying
MalcolmGerryGeomatics Surveyor
JohannaGillValuation Surveyor
NicolaGilleeceValuation Surveyor
ConorGillettValuation Surveyor
HarrietGrantResidential Agency Surveyor
MarkGreenGeomatics Surveyor
EoinGriffinQuantity Surveying
Bryn JamieGriffithsQuantity Surveying
DanielGunningBuilding Surveying
WinstonHalnonCommercial Agency Surveyor
BernardHanleyQuantity Surveying
ColinHarneyQuantity Surveying
VincentHarneyValuation Surveyor
LiamHarrisQuantity Surveying
PaulHarveyCommercial Agency Surveyor
PhilipHarveyValuation Surveyor
SuzanneHaweResidential Agency Surveyor
CamillaHayesQuantity Surveying
LeonardHealyQuantity Surveying
LisaHealyValuation Surveyor
PaulHegartyQuantity Surveying
OliverHeldBuilding Surveying
MarkHennessyQuantity Surveying
JohnHenryProperty & Facility Management Surveyor
EloiseHeronValuation Surveyor
PeterHesterValuation Surveyor
PaulHipwellValuation Surveyor
DermotHoganQuantity Surveying
KevinHollingsworthBuilding Surveying
HughHoltBuilding Surveying
AlanHoreQuantity Surveying
PeterHoulihanValuation Surveyor
EoinHughesPlanning & Development Surveyor
KarolJacksonResidential Agency Surveyor
GrahamJonesBuilding Surveying
BarryKavanaghQuantity Surveying
GrahamKavanaghQuantity Surveying
GregKavehValuation Surveyor
JanaKeaneResidential Agency Surveyor
PaulKeaneyBuilding Surveying
EndaKearnsCommercial Agency Surveyor
BrianKehoeQuantity Surveying
ColinKellyCommercial Agency Surveyor
DerekKellyQuantity Surveying
LiamKellyQuantity Surveying
MarkKellyQuantity Surveying
NigelKellyResidential Agency Surveyor
PaulKellyValuation Surveyor
JohnKellyCommercial Agency Surveyor
CormacKennedyValuation Surveyor
PeterKennyResidential Agency Surveyor
RogerKeoghValuation Surveyor
RonanKeoghProperty & Facility Management Surveyor
FrankKeohaneBuilding Surveying
YvonneKiernanValuation Surveyor
DermotKinaneQuantity Surveying
AodhánKingBuilding Surveying
BenKingGeomatics Surveyor
KevinKingQuantity Surveying
RaymondLaffanQuantity Surveying
CeliaLambResidential Agency Surveyor
MaryLavelleValuation Surveyor
LorcanLawlerValuation Surveyor
ConorLawlorQuantity Surveying
DeniseLawlorBuilding Surveying
WarrenLeahyBuilding Surveying
AndrewLeaverBuilding Surveying
PhilipLennonValuation Surveyor
AnthonyLeonardQuantity Surveying
EmmaLeonardValuation Surveyor
VictorLevingstoneQuantity Surveying
RobertLindsayValuation Surveyor
PhilipLittlewoodPlanning & Development Surveyor
AnyaLlewellynCommercial Agency Surveyor
RobertLloydValuation Surveyor
OliverLongQuantity Surveying
ColmLuddyValuation Surveyor
FrancisLunneyQuantity Surveying
SarahLynchProperty & Facility Management Surveyor
IanLyonsCommercial Agency Surveyor
WilliamLyonsResidential Agency Surveyor
KenMacDonaldResidential Agency Surveyor
DonalMadiganValuation Surveyor
MicheálMahonQuantity Surveying
NiamhMansfieldValuation Surveyor
AusraMarcelyteValuation Surveyor
PaddyMarkeyProperty & Facility Management Surveyor
AudreyMartinGeomatics Surveyor
GaryMathewsBuilding Surveying
ConorMc CormickValuation Surveyor
EdwardMcAuleyValuation Surveyor
RoisinMcAuliffeValuation Surveyor
BarraMcCabeValuation Surveyor
JosephMcCaffreyQuantity Surveying
GavinMcCallBuilding Surveying
LukeMcCarthyBuilding Surveying
MichaelMcCarthyQuantity Surveying
SeanMcCormackValuation Surveyor
AndrewMcCrackenBuilding Surveying
ShaneMcCullaghQuantity Surveying
DavidMcDonnellValuation Surveyor
PaulMcDowellValuation Surveyor
PeterMcFarlaneQuantity Surveying
EndaMcGuaneProperty & Facility Management Surveyor
KevinMcHughValuation Surveyor
LisaMcInerneyValuation Surveyor
JohnMcKayValuation Surveyor
ColmMcKennaBuilding Surveying
JohnnyMcKennaValuation Surveyor
MichaelMcKennaBuilding Surveying
EimearMcNerneyGeomatics Surveyor
JamesMeagherResidential Agency Surveyor
CormacMeehanValuation Surveyor
AdamMerrimanResidential Agency Surveyor
FergusMerrimanBuilding Surveying
JohnMillerResidential Agency Surveyor
Anne-louiseMitchellArts & Antiques Surveyor
GavinMitchellQuantity Surveying
PeterMoloneyProperty & Facility Management Surveyor
CarmelMooneyValuation Surveyor
KevinMooneyQuantity Surveying
NiamhMooneyRural Surveyor
ThomasMooreQuantity Surveying
OrlaMoranProperty & Facility Management Surveyor
FintanMorganQuantity Surveying
JackMorrisonProperty & Facility Management Surveyor
AlanMorrisseyQuantity Surveying
ShaneMullinValuation Surveyor
WalterMurphyResidential Agency Surveyor
DavidMurrayBuilding Surveying
RobertNeillPlanning & Development Surveyor
EugenNiculaeGeomatics Surveyor
JohnNobleValuation Surveyor
JohnNolanQuantity Surveying
MargaretNolanValuation Surveyor
RobertNolanQuantity Surveying
JosephO' MahonyProject Management Surveyor
DiarmuidO' ShaughnessyQuantity Surveying
DavidO'BrienProperty & Facility Management Surveyor
MarkO'BrienValuation Surveyor
DavidO'BrienQuantity Surveying
DesO'BroinQuantity Surveying
StephenO'CallaghanBuilding Surveying
AidanO'ConnorQuantity Surveying
BartyO'ConnorResidential Agency Surveyor
PatrickO'ConnorValuation Surveyor
AnthonyO'DonnellQuantity Surveying
FredaO'DonnellValuation Surveyor
SiobhanO'DwyerProperty & Facility Management Surveyor
PeterO'FlynnCommercial Agency Surveyor
AndrewO'GormanBuilding Surveying
ShaneO'HanlonValuation Surveyor
AidanO'HareBuilding Surveying
KillianO'HigginsValuation Surveyor
PatrickO'KaneQuantity Surveying
AndrewO'KellyQuantity Surveying
MauriceO'NeillValuation Surveyor
DavidO'NeillQuantity Surveying
IsobelO'ReganValuation Surveyor
MajellaO'ReganResidential Agency Surveyor
DeclanO'ReillyValuation Surveyor
JimO'ReillyValuation Surveyor
NiamhO'ReillyGeomatics Surveyor
MichealO'SheaProperty & Facility Management Surveyor
MaireadO'SullivanValuation Surveyor
GerardO'TooleValuation Surveyor
AndrewPaulQuantity Surveying
RichardPhelanQuantity Surveying
LouisePhillipsProperty & Facility Management Surveyor
BrendanPrentyQuantity Surveying
ConorPurcellResidential Agency Surveyor
JackQuinnValuation Surveyor
PatrickQuirke, Jnr.Residential Agency Surveyor
GianangeloRadaelliCommercial Agency Surveyor
RoisinRaffertyValuation Surveyor
AndrewRamseyBuilding Surveying
KrystynaRawiczBuilding Surveying
MaxReillyValuation Surveyor
CormacRenaghanBuilding Surveying
MichaelReynoldsQuantity Surveying
NiallReynoldsBuilding Surveying
PatrickRoeValuation Surveyor
HassanahRoseliValuation Surveyor
PeterRowanValuation Surveyor
BrigidRyanPlanning & Development Surveyor
EoinRyanValuation Surveyor
JohnRyanResidential Agency Surveyor
KevinRyanBuilding Surveying
AustinSammonQuantity Surveying
GeorgeSaurinValuation Surveyor
DerryScullyQuantity Surveying
StephenScullyQuantity Surveying
PatrickShanleyQuantity Surveying
JohnShannonCommercial Agency Surveyor
RobertShawGeomatics Surveyor
JamesShineQuantity Surveying
Ross HShortenValuation Surveyor
MartinSinnottQuantity Surveying
ColinSmythResidential Agency Surveyor
MarkSmythValuation Surveyor
ClaireSolonPlanning & Development Surveyor
MarcelStaniszValuation Surveyor
JamesStephensonCommercial Agency Surveyor
JimStoneQuantity Surveying
MarkSynnottValuation Surveyor
FergalTroyValuation Surveyor
AdrianTrueickValuation Surveyor
BrendanTurleyQuantity Surveying
GillianTyrrellQuantity Surveying
MatthewVanstonCommercial Agency Surveyor
ZlatinaVasilevProperty & Facility Management Surveyor
PeterWallerValuation Surveyor
IanWardleValuation Surveyor
ShaneWherityBuilding Surveying
BrianWilliamsQuantity Surveying
PeterWilliamsQuantity Surveying
NiallWoodsCommercial Agency Surveyor
MarcusWrenValuation Surveyor
SiobhanYoungValuation Surveyor
Joseph GordonQuantity Surveyor
JJCantwellQuantity Surveyor
Sarah FordePlanning & Development Surveyor
Archie O'DonnellBuilding Surveyor
AileenMooneyProperty & Facility Management Surveyor
Finbar MurphyQuantity Surveyor
BrendanMcGovernGeomatics Surveyor
MarkByrneQuantity Surveyor
ShaneMcSweeneyQuantity Surveyor
LisaO'SheaQuantity Surveyor

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