Our Strategy

Our Strategy

Members are at the heart of everything we do in the SCSI. We recognise that the strength of the Society lies in harnessing the expertise of our broad membership base working across the property, land and construction sector, while also supporting members individually within their professional groups.

Roadmap 2027 will build on all that has been achieved to date in increasing awareness and recognition of the expertise of the surveying profession, while also renewing our focus on specific member services in support of practice. By placing our members at the core of everything we do, we strengthen the very foundation upon which the SCSI stands.

A renewed focus on sustainability and digitisation, and the enhancement of our data-driven, digital-first approach, underpin the key goals to be delivered under the three pillars of the Strategy. Through tailored initiatives, ongoing CPD, and enhanced resources, we aim to ensure that every member feels valued, equipped, and motivated to uphold the highest standards of surveying. In addition to supporting our current members, another key focus of Roadmap 2027 is to attract and inspire the next generation of surveying professionals to ensure the longevity and vitality of the profession.


Our Vision, Mission & Values

The SCSI’s new vision and mission reflect its ambition for the future:


A dynamic, innovative and visible organisation to promote members’ professional expertise, harnessing members’ collective knowledge to lead the development of a sustainable property, land and construction sector


To connect, support and represent our members, as leading experts working across property, land and construction

Our Purpose

The Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland (SCSI) is the independent professional body for Chartered Surveyors working and practising in Ireland. It works in partnership with the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), the pre-eminent chartered professional body for the property, land and construction sectors around the world.

The SCSI and RICS act in the public interest: setting and maintaining the highest standards of competence and integrity among the profession; and, providing impartial, authoritative advice on key issues for business, society and governments. Over the years, the SCSI has built up a strong reputation and is well regarded as a trusted expert across the property, land and construction sectors.

Our Vision & Mission are supported by 3 key strategic pillars:

  • Pillar 1: Supporting and Connecting members
  • Pillar 2: Representing and Advocating in the public interest
  • Pillar 3: Advancing and Influencing for the future

Our Strategic Pillars

The Strategic Plan has been mapped across three Key Strategic Pillars to underpin our vision and overall strategic direction over the next three years:

Supporting and Connecting Members – Key Strategic Goals:


  1. Deliver helpful, responsive services in support of best practice, including relevant and accessible CPD, training and professional guidance.
  2. Foster valuable networks of members across professional groups, regionally and through peer-to-peer mentoring.
  3. Support the highest professional standards of members through best practice standards development, maintenance and monitoring.
  4. Cultivate relevant strategic partnerships to further the enhancement of the profession.
  5. Focussed assistance to members to meet the changing needs of surveying, including sustainability, digitisation and artificial intelligence (AI).

Representing and Advocating in the public interest – Key Strategic Goals: 


  1. Promote members’ professional expertise and contribution across construction, land and property.
  2. Data-driven thought leadership, including through the publication of independent reports and submissions.
  3. Positively impact policy development for a sustainable natural and built environment.
  4. Enhance and enforce regulatory protection of the public through a system of independently led regulation.
  5. Harness digitisation opportunities to deliver market innovation and efficiencies.

Advancing and Influencing for the future – Key Strategic Goals: 


  1. Harness collective knowledge and skills of members and partners to futureproof the profession in support of a sustainable construction, land and property sector.
  2. Expand initiatives to increase diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in the profession, and positively contribute to our local communities.
  3. Ensure the future pipeline of surveyors by promoting career opportunities, monitoring skills needs and engaging with relevant stakeholders.
  4. Promote routes to Chartered membership through strong linkages and engagement with students, senior professionals, academic partners and related stakeholders.
  5. Maximise the opportunities of digitisation and AI to ensure the appeal of the profession to the next generation of surveyors.

Roadmap 2024

Read our annual reports to find out more about the SCSI’s progress line with our previous Strategic Plan, Roadmap 2024. 

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