SCSI Pre-Budget Submission 2024

SCSI Pre-Budget Submission 2024

SCSI Pre-Budget Submission 2024

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Read the SCSI’s pre-budget submission to find out top recommendations for supporting the property, land and construction sector.

Key SCSI Pre-Budget Submission Recommendations


  • Further actions to address increased construction costs within the control of Government
  • Longer-term announcement required regarding the lifetime of the Help to Buy Scheme to bring more clarity to the residential development sector
  • Continuation of the First Home Scheme Ireland
  • Establishment of a special department within the Residential Tenancies Board (RTB) that solely oversees and manages the dispute and adjudication process
  • Adequate budget should be provided to increase auditing of the rental market to ensure overall rental compliance and address short-term lets without the necessary permissions
  • Introduce a feasibility grant to ensure best allocation of funding and approach for the full renovation of units and payments to be made available earlier in tranche payments
  • Further consideration should be given to the development of an overall budgeting account and dedicated department to tackle biodiversity loss and climate change
  • Steps be taken to resolve challenges associated with connection delays promptly, ensuring a more efficient and streamlined process for utility connections
  • Further financial resources to be made available to attract, retain and upskill staff to local authorities for the delivery of social housing projects
  • Financially support the establishment of a national authority to regulate owners’ management companies (OMCs)
  • Increased funding allocated for retrofit training to successfully cultivate a workforce that is capable of successfully overseeing and executing retrofitting projects
  • Implementation of a rebate that lowers the Capital Gains Tax (CGT) rate to 8% specifically for development land utilised in the construction of new housing
  • Allocate funding to train local authorities on social housing delivery.


  • No further increases in Stamp Duty for non-residential properties
  • Fund the adoption of a land price register to promote transparency, support evidence-based decision-making, and ensure fairness in land transactions and policy development
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