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Whether you are considering simple alterations, a more complicated refurbishment or extension or a completely new building, a Chartered Surveyor will be able to advise on all stages from inception to completion. The time and effort spent on the planning and preparation stages of a building project are vital. If you get this right, you can save considerable amounts of time and trouble on the actual construction work

You may have a rough idea of what you are trying to achieve with the alteration or building work, but there are some other decisions you need to make at the outset.

Questions to consider: 

Is appearance more important than function?

What level of quality are you aiming for?

A high quality product is not always the best solution if a simpler structure might work just as well. On the cost side there are several points on which you need to be clear.

Do you want to be certain on final costs from the outset?

This assurance might put the price up.

Have you considered the cost of maintaining the structure (and related costs) when it is completed?

Extra expenditure at the construction stage could save money later.

An elemental analysis of the construction costs for an 'average 3-bed house' in Dublin was carried out by the Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland in 2020 from 30 development sites in the Greater Dublin Area....

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The SCSI Cost of Apartment Delivery Report provides current figures on the costs of delivering various categories of apartments to market.  The report features a breakdown of costs, affordability and viability analyses and recommendations for...

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Finding the right professional is key to making sure a project is managed correctly and stays on budget. Find out about what to look for in a top-grade Project Manager.

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A successful commercial construction project is one that is delivered ‘on time’, ‘on budget’ and ‘on quality’. Find out about the key elements of starting a commercial project.  

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