Condensation between the glass of an outer double glazed window

Condensation between the glass of an outer double glazed window

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Our son lives in an apartment in Dublin. Recently we have noticed condensation between the glass of an outer double glazed window. It appears the seal of the unit is broken. We approached the management company to repair the unit. It states that it is our responsibility to repair the unit. I am of the opinion that all exterior repair work has to be done by the management company. Is this correct? Your opinion as to how the unit would be replaced would be appreciated.



The legal document or lease between the lessor, lessee and the owner’s management company outlines the rights and obligations of all the parties. Accordingly there is no definite or correct answer but in most cases that I have encountered the owner of the apartment is responsible for the windows while the management company is responsible for the external walls and the roof. If this proves to be the case with your management company, then your son, as the owner, has to replace the window. If you do not have a balcony under the window and you are not on the ground floor it will be an expensive process as you will need a lift hire. I accept this is probably not what you wanted to hear.

Kersten Mehl is a chartered surveyor and a member of the SCSI Properties and Facilities Management Professional Group

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