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SCSI members (Fellows, Professional and Associate grades) please note the cost of this course was included in your annual subscription for 2023 – login now for access. (Please note that you’ll need to use the email supplied to the SCSI – if you try to log in you don’t have access to this course, send us an email –

Trainees have made a partial payment towards your PSRA CPD for 2023 and must pay the balance of €75. You’ll need to login now and then complete the purchase.

Non-SCSI member PSRA licensees, we are delighted to support you with your required PSRA CPD for 2023. If you’ve done your PSRA CPD with us before, please login now and then book your place to speed up the process and keep your records together. 


Once you’ve booked and paid your €150 for the PSRA CPD programme, you can avail of a reduced membership deal for 2023 – contact for more information and include your receipt.

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