Pathway Guides

Pathway Guides

Pathway Guides

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Surveying is a very broad profession covering disciplines as varied as building surveying, geomatics and valuation. Because of this, when you join SCSI you must choose a sector pathway related to your surveying experience. During your assessment process, you will have to demonstrate your skills and knowledge related to this pathway.  Review the pathway guides and choose the one that most closely reflects your experience.

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How we assess your skills

For each sector pathway, you will be assessed against a range of specific competencies. These are split between mandatory, core and optional competencies:


  • Mandatory  personal and professional practice and business skills (these are the same for all sector pathways)
  • Core – the main skills of your chosen pathway
  • Optional – additional skills for your chosen pathway

Each competency is assessed at three levels:

  • Level 1 – knowledge and understanding
  • Level 2 – application of knowledge
  • Level 3 – depth and synthesis of technical knowledge and implementation

APC Pathway: Construction

APC Pathway: Land

APC Pathway: Property

These guides should help candidates and employers with a degree of assistance in choosing the competencies that are most appropriate to their area of practice.

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