Finding Your Route to Chartered

Finding Your Route to Chartered

Find Your Route

There are number of routes to membership available that depend on a number of factors such as education, experience, professional certification, etc.

Take time to review what paths are available and get in touch with the SCSI education team to ensure you start on the right one.

5 Steps to Begin Your APC Journey

Step 1: Identify your Route

Choose your route to Membership based on your qualification and your experience.

Graduate Route 1 Accredited Undergraduate or Postgraduate Degree Less than 5 years’ experience
Graduate Route 2 Accredited Undergraduate or Postgraduate Degree 5-10 years’ experience
Graduate Route 3 Accredited Undergraduate or Postgraduate Degree 10+ years’ experience
Professional Route Non-accredited, surveying related* Degree or Masters 5+ years postgraduate experience
Senior Professional Route** Accredited qualification 5+ years’ experience & senior role in industry
Senior Professional Route** No qualification/non-accredited qualification 10+ years’ experience & senior role in industry
Academic Route** Accredited degree or Masters Teaching on an accredited programme

* Surveying related courses include courses such as engineering, construction management, architecture, finance & accounting, economics etc.  Contact us at if you need guidance.

** Candidates who wish to apply through the Senior Professional Route or the Academic Route should contact for guidance before applying.

Step 2: Choose your pathway 

Surveying is a very broad profession covering disciplines as varied as building surveying, geomatics and valuation. Because of this, when you join SCSI you must choose a sector pathway related to your surveying experience. During your assessment process, you will have to demonstrate your skills and knowledge related to this pathway.  Review the pathway guides and choose the one that most closely reflects your experience.

Step 3: Check you're on track - Book 1-2-1 with SCSI Education Staff 

Contact Us By Phone

Get In Touch

Call us on (01) 644 5500

Please note: A One to One is only intended for individuals looking to either enrol on the APC or for those already on the APC and are in need of some additional guidance.

Contact Us By Email

Prefer to Email?

Get in contact by emailing

Please include: A summary of your experience and background.

Then a member of staff will get in touch as soon as possible.

Step 4: Appoint a Supervisor and Counsellor (Graduate Route 1,2 and Professional Route Only)

If you are undertaking an application through Graduate Route 1, Graduate Route 2 or the Professional Route, you must appoint a supervisor and counsellor to support and guide you through your application and assessment.  Your supervisor does not need to be an SCSI Member but should be someone that you work with or report to such as a peer or line manager.

Your counsellor must be either an SCSI or RICS Fellow (FSCSI/FRICS) or Chartered Member (MSCSI/MRICS) and must have undertaken counsellor training with RICS or SCSI.  Your supervisor and counsellor will have an important role in signing off your application and signing off your experience during the APC process.

Guide for supervisors, counsellors & employers

Step 5: Apply

Send your application to us at  Please note that all applications with the exception of Graduate Route 1 will be reviewed and approved by the Membership Committee before you can proceed.

Route Application Form Competency

Achievement Planner

Resumé Evidence of Qualification Fee Further Guidance
Graduate Route 1 Download Download Not Required Submit photocopy/scanned copy €305 Download
Graduate Route 2 Download Download Download Submit photocopy/scanned copy €305 Download
Graduate Route 3 Download Download Download Submit photocopy/scanned copy €305 Download
Professional Route Download Download Download Submit photocopy/scanned copy* €305 Download

* Applicants applying via the Professional Route who hold a qualification from jurisdictions outside of the Republic of Ireland must provide an equivalency statement from NARIC together with evidence of the qualification held.


In Section 4 of the resumé template, you will be asked to relate your professional experience to the competencies from your pathway.  You need to demonstrate that  you have the requisite experience and competency in the areas you have chosen from your pathway.

You should write at least a paragraph or two for each mandatory, core and optional competency.  You can provide this information in an appended word document.  You can demonstrate your experience across a range of roles – you don’t need to restrict this to your current role.  When completing your resumé, you should refer to your pathway guide as there is detailed information for each competency that shows how you can demonstrate each one.  You should also refer to the mandatory competencies guide.

If you do not provide sufficient evidence of your experience and how it relates to the competencies from your pathway, your application may not be accepted.


Resumé Competency Achievement Planner Organisation Structure Fee
Senior Professional Download Download Submit and attach to resumé €305


In section 4 of your resumé, you should choose 4 – 5 characteristics from either the senior professional or expert status checklists.  You must then write a minimum of 250 words on each characteristic citing specific examples of how you demonstrate these characteristics in your day to day work.

Competency Achievement Planner

List the competencies you have selected from your chosen pathway along with mandatory competencies.  You must also include the senior management competencies of:

  • Leadership
  • Managing people
  • Managing resources

Organisation chart

You must provide a structure chart of your organisation that clearly shows your position in relation to others in the organisation. In addition, clearly outline your position within the organisation and describe your roles and responsibilities. These should cover leadership, managing people and managing resources.

What happens next?

  • Your application will be reviewed by the SCSI Membership Committee and if approved, you may then register for final assessment and prepare your submission documents..
  • Please do not begin preparing your final assessment submission until approval is received from the Membership Committee.

A detailed guide is available here

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