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How can I establish an association for directors of multi-development management companies?

How can I establish an association for directors of multi-development management companies?

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As a director of a multi-unit development (MUD) management company I would like to see the establishment of an association of such directors with a view to liaising on matters of mutual interest.

Can you suggest how one could go about making the necessary connections? Is there a list of MUDs so that one could ascertain identities of directors?


This is a good idea and I would suggest that meeting and networking with other owners management company (OMC) directors would be a very useful way of sharing knowledge and expertise.

There is no definitive list of every OMC in Ireland. The closest thing to such a list can be found by searching a specific company on a company search website. The company information such as the names and principle place of residence of the directors of a company will be provided for a nominal fee. Contacting the directors of these companies directly could be considered unsolicited correspondence however.

The best way to build and grow your own base of contacts organically in any industry is to tirelessly network. Most professionals that you will meet during the embryonic stages of your association’s growth will be seeking to know your scope of expertise and how useful it will be for them to align themselves with your association.

There are many different existing associations, institutes and representative groups in the property industry but there is an opening for a robust representation of OMC directors. All of the bodies provide continual professional development (CPD) seminars for their members. These seminars would be a great place to meet industry professionals and expand your knowledge. I would imagine that the cornerstone of your association’s ethos will be derived from the Office of the Director of Corporate Enforcement (

You will need to build a website which is easily navigable and updated often with informed content. A message board or discussion forum for participants will lead to greater discussions on relevant matters.

Your local Chamber of Commerce or the Institute of Directors in Ireland might be a good place to start networking.

Paul Huberman is a member of the property and facilities management professional group of the Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland (

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