Is it the landlord’s responsibility to replace our old mattress?

Is it the landlord’s responsibility to replace our old mattress?

Is it the landlord’s responsibility to replace our old mattress?

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We moved to Ireland from Germany two years ago and have been renting an apartment since then. Our mattress seems to be quite old and is becoming more uncomfortable to sleep on. We are hoping you could clarify if it is up to the landlord or if it is our responsibility to replace it. The rental situation in Germany is different and most of the furnishings are the tenant’s responsibility but we have heard it is different in Ireland. The lease does not mention anything about this.


Yes, the rental situation in Ireland is different from that in Germany and other parts of the world. In most cases, properties for rent in Ireland come fully furnished and there is usually no requirement to purchase furniture and household essentials, unless renting an unfurnished apartment.

In relation to your situation and the question of who is ultimately responsible, it really depends on the condition of the mattress. It may be difficult to judge this as you may have a certain expectation and view on the quality and condition of the mattress which may differ from the landlord’s view.

For example, if on inspection the landlord deems the mattress to be still in reasonably good condition, and you don’t, then you will need to come to an agreement.

However, if the mattress is clearly in need of replacement, ie the springs are gone and the mattress is in poor condition, then it is the landlord’s responsibility to replace the mattress in a furnished apartment and there is no question about that.

My recommendation is to speak to your landlord, explain the poor condition of the mattress and invite them to inspect it if they wish and ask them to replace the mattress for you as soon as possible.

Fergal Hopkins is a member of the Property & Facilities Management Professional Group of the Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland.

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