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Asset Manager- Property Surveyor (Assistant)

10-06-22 11:06

Job Description

This role is initially a Fixed Term Contract with a Government Provider of Medical /Hospital Services and is based in Limerick and the Mid West Region.

The role is assist the current Asset Manager in managing various properties within the organisations Portfolio.

The role specifically relates to Property Leases, Titles to land, rental of required Properties for use by the organisation etc. Candidates will ideally have a recognised Level 8 Property Qualification and a minimum of 3 Year's experience in Commercial /Office area in the area of Leases and asset management.

Job Requirements

To co-ordinate and support the activities of the Organisation in Property Transaction Protocol and other relevant Statutory requirements.

The Asset Manager is responsible for the satisfactory implementation and completion of his/her work assignments and projects and the provision of professional and timely advice.

He/she will be required to supervise any staff assigned to him/her. To lead, develop, implement and monitor an Estate Management strategy for the Organisation in conjunction with the Area’s current estate, planned National Development Plan acquisitions, the service plan and available resources.


  • To develop and implement an Estate Management strategy.
  • To provide property management and advisory services as appropriate in the management of the local area organisation.
  • To lead the development of a Property Management function in the Area, within the framework of the National Health Strategy and the National Development Plan.
  • To ensure property requirements are fully integrated with service provision and staffing levels.
  • To ensure all opportunities for property utilisation are maximised within the Area’s property.
  • To plan future property requirements, based on demographics, the service plan, funding availability and projected staffing levels.
  • To maximise available funding sources and develop the Area’s Public Private Partnership strategy for property funding.
  • To develop appropriate guidelines/procedures for property rental and leases.
  • To develop a suite of performance indicators to effectively monitor the implementation of the Area’s property strategy and effectiveness of the utilisation of the Area’s properties.
  • To prepare annual and multi annual plans within the frameworks of the Corporate Strategy and Service Planning process.
  • To manage the Area’s employee accommodation needs.


  • To develop appropriate guidelines/procedures for property rentals and leases, to inspect leases and contracts, make appropriate recommendations and liaise with insurers.
  • To anticipate and report on the revenue impact of planned property developments.
  • To ensure that all property transactions conform to statutory requirements.
  • To operate proactively concerning statutory requirements and corporate policies in the area of the organisation at work.
  • To liaise with other agencies as appropriate.


  • To assess the physical infrastructure of the Board’s property portfolio including purpose, state of upkeep, capacity, suitability, space utilisation and security.
  • To determine values of individual properties and develop effective procedures for property purchasing/disposal, including liaison with auctioneers.
  • To maintain and keep and a property asset register, including appropriate records of the Area’s legal title to properties.
  • To develop and maintain a property database including maps, drawings, contracts, etc.
  • To manage conveyancing requirements in collaboration with the Area’s solicitors.
  • To ensure that all newly acquired properties are included in the Area’s property register.

The Assistant Asset manager is responsible for the satisfactory completion of his/her agreed programme. He/she supervises staff assigned to him/her.

He/she does not have authority over local managers with whom he/she must closely work in carrying out his/her programme and must rely on persuasion through regular contact and good personal relationships to ensure the satisfactory carrying out much of the work for which he/she is responsible.

Contact details for applicants:

Ben Mulligan - CMI Recruitment

Ph: 087-8542999


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