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Assistant Building Surveyor

09-04-21 09:04
Trident Building Consultancy


[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Our Irish team, headed by director Freddie Millar, consists of building surveyors and clerical staff. Small but dedicated to the task, they look after the all of our projects and developments in Ireland, including our Assigned Certifier services. Based just two minutes’ walk from the Liffey, this office is perfectly situated for building surveyors who enjoy city working whilst we also offer industry leading flexible working arrangements.

Major Job Function:

We are searching for someone who will assist on directors and chartered surveyors with projects and other works, to help Trident Building Consultancy achieve its objectives and fulfil the mission statement. The role requires you to undertake and successfully complete the Assessment of Professional Competence, as administered by the SCSI/ RICS.

In addition to the contractual duties, the successful candidate should be responsible for:[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Professional Duties


  • Assisting directors and chartered surveyors to fulfil the role of contract administrator/project manager/project monitor/employers agent/ PSDP/ assigned certifier/ designed certifier and overall lead client contact in connection with the procurement of new build, repair, alteration or refurbishment projects.
  • Assisting professional work including building inspections and producing reports, drawings and schedules following initial survey.
  • Demonstrating knowledge and appreciation of all legislation affecting the procurement of works and the maintenance and use of property.
  • Making comprehensive usage of all available resources within Trident to fulfil clients’ requirements with maximum efficiency and to the highest quality.
  • Recognising the aims of the company and assisting in the accomplishment of the mission statement.


Business Development


  • To be fully aware of all services offered by Trident and be able to describe these to existing and prospective clients.
  • Managing client expectations at all times and ensuring that they are regularly and fully informed as to the status of their instructions.
  • Assisting in developing new client contacts and generating leads into new business.
  • Being aware of industry news, changes to legislation and standards and other developments.
  • Exceeding client expectations and building and maintaining a good reputation and relationship with existing clients both personally and as a representative of Trident.


Professional Development


  • Meeting the minimum SCSI/ RICS requirements for CPD and maintaining updated records of training hours completed.
  • Fulfilling all requirements of the APC, as administered by the SCSI/ RICS, and meeting regularly with both the supervisor and counsellor to discuss progress being made, and taking action where improvement is required.
  • Preparing and presenting “in-house” CPD training seminars for the benefit of all Trident staff.


Administrative Duties


  • Managing job-specific files on our database.
  • Knowing the requirements of the Trident Quality Assurance Manual and complying with all QA procedures.
  • To complete/update Work in Progress (WIP) forms regularly and to submit up-to-date WIP forms on a monthly basis. In addition, weekly time sheets are to be submitted for review to the Supervisor in charge of your APC training.
  • To prepare and submit expense claims by the first Wednesday in every month.
  • To attend monthly staff meetings and other non client meetings as and when required by the Directors.
  • To be aware and recognise the aims of the Directors and the company and assist in the attainment of the mission statement.
  • To undertake any reasonable administrative or professional task required by the company.
  • Undergoing, understanding and complying with the company’s Health & Safety policy and adhering to the


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