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Assistant Project Manager (Dublin)

02-08-23 10:08
Cluid Housing

Job Description

The role will assist the Project Managers (PMs) and Senior Project Managers (Senior PMs) in the supply and delivery of Clúid’s housing development programme, ensuring quality control and compliance with Clúid’s design standards, procedures, relevant government regulations and Clúid’s internal policies.

Key Responsibilities

New Schemes

  • Liaise with the PM & Commercial Development Managers for land/site acquisitions, report on site investigation requirements, surveys, potential enabling works packages, utilities information requirements, exec submission dates and approvals, funding application status.
  • Prepare project information memorandums for the tender background information requirements. Seek quotations for site & building surveys.
  • Review, site surveys and flag any anomalies that may have implications for the project in terms of time and cost.
  • Liaise with Clúid’s Clerk of Works on second-hand acquisitions to ensure delivery of the schedule of works. Monitor the works process and report any issues to the PM.
  • Attend potential new scheme site inspections, construction sites and potential second-hand unit acquisition with the PM, vendor’s agents, consultants and wider Clúid team.
  • Prepare project programmes for the delivery of new schemes and monitor deliver with the New Business Delivery Programme Manager.


Procurement & Project Management

  • Assist the PM, to procure design consultants and main contractors by preparing tender documents and responding to tender queries. Carry out competition assessments, conflict of interest verification, tender return information verification, tender reports, and assist in the contract award process.
  • Manage external consultants and contractor’s insurance policy renewals for the duration of
    each project. Work in conjunction with the Contracts Administrator and Procurement Team.
  • Assist with document management, document control and compliance with both statutory and
    Clúid’s procurement requirements while demonstrating a good knowledge of the Capital Works Management framework.
  • Work closely with the PM to gain further project management experience with the view of managing smaller construction projects with support from the Team.
  • Assist the PM to ensure that Pamwin Plus, the project management platform is kept updated.
  • Assist the PM on project design information, peer reviews at pre-planning & pre-tender stage on construction projects. Track and monitor changes to final close out.
  • Assist the PM in the performance review of professional consultants and contractors, identify
    and record lessons learned for the benefit of future projects.
  • Assist the PM to manage the project document management system to ensure all relevant information is available and correctly referenced.
  • Carry out periodic project site visits, maintain and file relevant site records.
  • Assist the PM to review meeting minutes, project construction programs and Clerk of Works reports.
  • Provide admin assistance to the PM as required

Budget Management & Funding

  • Monitor the status of funding applications and report any delays or issues to the PM. Ensure all third-party funder’s requirements are met on all projects.
  • Manage all invoices payable for the project from first approver to saving the invoices to the project folder.
  • Recoup development expenditure fees from the department through regular project C.A.S and C.A.L.F drawdowns. Notify the PMs of any potential issues that may affect cashflow.


  • Act as sole point of contact for Clúid projects coming into management and liaise directly with the Employer’s Representative, Design Team, Contractor, Clerk of Works, Commercial Development Officers and ensure a successful handover to Clúid’s Housing Services & Property Services teams.
  • Manage the tenant handover pack and the migration of utility accounts.
  • Coordinate the safe attendance of Clúid personnel at the client demonstration day to ensure Clúid personnel are fully briefed on the buildings services and systems.
  • Manage the project safety file, typically reviewing the file for quality, consistency and appropriate document management ensuring that other internal departments have access to the handover documentation and are made aware of the provision for any service /maintenance contracts and warranties post the defects maintenance period.
  • Advise and carry out workshops with other internal departments as regards the contractual responsibilities within the defect’s maintenance period for varying contract types.
  • Manage the defects maintenance period ensuring the satisfactory and timely resolution of all defects.
  • Monitor and update the PM regularly on any process blockages, repetitious defective work issues, the status of the defects register and the performance of the Employer’s Representative, Design Team and Contractor’s team throughout the defects maintenance period.

Corporate Responsibilities

  • Ensure all activity is aligned to Clúid’s cultural values and contributes to the mission of supporting the development of thriving communities.
  • Adhere to all Clúid policies and procedures at all times.
  • To exercise discretion at all times.
  • To fulfil all care and high standards regarding both Clúid’s and your own health and safety obligations.


  • Attend all Commercial Development Team meetings and other internal and external stakeholder meetings as required by the role.
  • Demonstrate a good technical background and keep up to date with current building regulations, BCAR, Health & Safety legislation and general good practice.
  • Adopt an approach of continuous learning and personal development.
  • To positively promote the Association in all activities.
  • Any other duties which are consistent with your role.

To apply

For more details and to apply, please follow this link:

(Please note the application form requires the completion of 4 competency-based questions.)


The closing date for applications is 13th August 2023, at midnight.

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