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Assistant Property Manager HSE Midwest

24-02-2023 12:02
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Network Managers, Local Health Office Managers and Functional Areas or their designated officers. Within the Estates Function, work within team structures.

Purpose of the Post:

Oversee Assigned Duties in relation to Property Management.


Chartered Surveyor


  • To co-ordinate and support the activities of the HSE Property Transaction Protocol and other relevant Statutory/HSE requirements.
  • The Assistant Property Manager (Contract) is responsible for the satisfactory implementation and completion of his/her work assignments and projects and the provision of professional and timely advice. He/she will be required to supervise any staff assigned to him/her.
  • To lead, develop, implement and monitor an Estate Management strategy for the HSE in conjunction with the Area’s current estate, planned National Development Plan acquisitions, the service plan and available resources.


  • To develop and implement an Estate Management strategy.
  • To provide property management and advisory services as appropriate in the management of the Health Service Executive – Mid Western Area estate properties.
  • To lead the development of a Property Management function in the Area, within the framework of the National Health Strategy and the National Development Plan.
  • To ensure property requirements are fully integrated with service provision and staffing levels.
  • To ensure all cross-Care Group opportunities for property utilisation are maximised within the Area’s property.
  • To plan future property requirements, based on demographics, the service plan, funding availability and projected staffing levels.
  • To maximise available funding sources and develop the Area’s Public Private Partnership strategy for property funding.
  • To develop appropriate guidelines/procedures for property rental and leases.
  • To develop a suite of performance indicators to effectively monitor the implementation of the Area’s property strategy and effectiveness of the utilisation of the Area’s properties.
  • To prepare annual and multi annual plans within the frameworks of the Corporate Strategy and Service Planning process.
  • To manage the Area’s employee accommodation needs.


  • To develop appropriate guidelines/procedures for property rentals and leases, to inspect leases and contracts, make appropriate recommendations and liaise with insurers.
  • To anticipate and report on the revenue impact of planned property developments.
  • To ensure that all property transactions conform to statutory requirements.
  • To operate proactively concerning statutory requirements and corporate policies in the area of Health nd Safety at work.
  • To liaise with other agencies as appropriate.


  • To assess the physical infrastructure of the Board’s property portfolio including purpose, state of upkeep, capacity, suitability, space utilisation and security.
  • To determine values of individual properties and develop effective procedures for property purchasing/disposal, including liaison with auctioneers.
  • To maintain and keep and a property asset register, including appropriate records of the Area’s legal title to properties.
  • To develop and maintain a property database including maps, drawings, contracts, etc.
  • To manage conveyancing requirements in collaboration with the Area’s solicitors.
  • To ensure that all newly acquired properties are included in the Area’s property register.

Job Requirements

The Assistant Property Manager (Contract) is responsible for the satisfactory completion of his/her agreed programme. He/she supervises staff assigned to him/her. He/she does not have authority over local managers with whom he/she must closely work in carrying out his/her programme and must rely on persuasion through regular contact and good personal relationships to ensure the satisfactory carrying out much of the work for which he/she is responsible.



Role relevant to what type of surveyors

Quantity Surveyors, Commercial (Agent) Surveyors, Property Management & Facility Manager Surveyors, Building Surveyors, Project Management Surveyors, and Valuation Surveyors

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