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Executive Valuer, Planning and Property

16-06-23 02:06
Dublin City Council

Job description

Dublin City Council as a Planning Authority is responsible for the orderly development of the city and through its Planning & Property Development Department, provides the policies, plans and procedures to achieve a sustainable living City, in which people can live, work and form communities. The City Valuers Office is part of the Planning & Property Development Department, and provides a comprehensive property valuation and advisory service to all City Council Departments, with a high percentage of instructions coming from the Housing & Community Services Department and Dublin Regional Homeless Executive. The office plays a key role in urban regeneration projects, and housing provision and is very active in the area of acquisitions (both statutory and non-statutory) and disposals (including property agency-type work). The development of community, sporting and cultural facilities.

Other key areas of involvement include City Estate properties, Active Land Management, Advance land assembly, Site Master-planning, Vacant Land initiatives, Derelict Sites Act cases, Landlord & Tenant, Licenses, Municipal buildings and depot consolidation. The office also provides a full valuation service to Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council, Fingal County Council and South Dublin County Council. Value for money, economic assessment of projects and active asset management are paramount in the climate of increasing demands on the Council’s valuation and property analytical skills.

Reporting to a Senior Executive Valuer, or such designated Officer as may be determined from time to time, the Executive Valuer will work as part of a multi-disciplinary team within the City Valuer’s Office and the wider Planning and Property Development Department. They will provide reports and advice to the team, deliver a programme of valuation work and will provide professional advice to the City Council on all valuation and associated matters.

The role includes the provision of a large volume of valuations and reports on a wide range of property types and situations, including municipal buildings. Property inspections will extend over the entire County Dublin area. It is expected that an Executive Valuer would have gained a high degree of professional development in their career to date.

The ideal candidate shall

  • possess strong professional knowledge and skills, including well-honed negotiating skills;
  • have a good working knowledge or demonstrate an ability to acquire a good working knowledge of the legal, regulatory and governance framework within which the City Council operates and adhere to corporate policies, protocols and procedures;
  • demonstrate a good working knowledge of relevant legislation and case law;
  • be capable of producing high-quality valuations and reports, in high volume;
  • possess satisfactory experience supervising staff and be able to work within and lead a multi-disciplined team;
  • have the ability to motivate and encourage personnel under their control to achieve maximum performance;
  • have the ability to work independently and on their own initiative;
  • have strong communication, organization, I.T. and presentation skills;
  • be willing to learn new skills in the areas of property valuation and development, and be interested in, and prepared to learn about, the activities of Dublin City Council;
  • have good knowledge and awareness of Health & Safety Legislation and Regulations, their role and duties of managers in safety management and their application in the workplace;
  • have a satisfactory knowledge of public administration in Ireland and experience of administration.


  • Character:
    Each candidate shall be of good character.
  • Health:
    Candidates shall be in a state of health such as would indicate a reasonable prospect of ability to render
    regular and efficient service.
  • Education, Experience, etc.:
    Each candidate must, on the latest date for receipt of completed application forms:-
    (i) have passed, or be exempt by examination from, the Final Examination of the Society of Chartered Surveyors/Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors;


    (ii) hold the Diploma in Property Economics of the Dublin Institute of Technology/B.Sc (Surveying), University of Dublin;


    (iii) hold an equivalent professional qualification;

    (b) have, after obtaining the qualifications referred to at (a) above, at least five years of satisfactory
    experience in negotiating property transactions, including, leasing, letting, acquisition and
    disposal of land and buildings, together with experience in the valuation of all real estate and
    in giving evidence as an expert witness in court proceedings and arbitration hearings;


    (c) possess a high standard of training and experience;

    (d) have an awareness of Health and Safety Legislation and Regulations and their application in
    the workplace.


The duties of the post include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Participating in the process of identifying property development solutions, site appraisal and assembly (by agreement or a Compulsory Purchase process), site preparation and due diligence items and active land management measures;
  • Advising on and negotiating terms for the structuring of Development Agreements in respect of “Greenfield” sites, and redevelopment projects, including, mixed-use regeneration developments and residential development projects;
  • Drafting of development briefs, marketing brochures, sales particulars, tenders, etc. and liaison with external sales/letting agents and other professional advisors appointed. Participation in tender assessments;
  • Advising on residential property matters under various headings, including; Part V, Negotiated turnkey acquisitions, Tenant-Situ house purchases, Leasing, Tenant Purchase, provision of Social Housing, Homeless initiatives, appraisal of estate typologies (houses and apartments) and market analysis;
  • Determining capital and rental valuations for all types of property, including municipal buildings;
  • Providing valuation advice and negotiating terms in statutory cases, including, Compulsory Purchase and Vesting procedures, Derelict Site/Vacant Land levies/taxes and Landlord and Tenant;
  • Providing expert evidence at Arbitration, Valuation Tribunal and Court hearings;
  • Reporting on and negotiating terms in respect of the acquisition, leasing, licensing and disposal of property for all purposes;
  • Participation in Working and Project Groups;
  • Engaging in property matters with other Local or State Authorities;
  • Relating well to others and maintaining positive working relationships;
  • Such other duties as may be required from time to time.


The particular duties and responsibilities attached to the post may vary from time to time, without changing the general character of the duties or level of responsibilities entailed. The post holder may therefore be required to perform duties appropriate to the post, other than those detailed above, and to take instructions from and report to, an appropriate Officer or such designated Officer as may be assigned from time to time by the City Council.

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