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Geographical Information Systems (GIS) Officer Grade III

14-07-2023 02:07
Office of Public Works (OPW)

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The Office of Public Works (OPW) is the lead agency in coordinating flood risk management policy and the flood relief capital works programme in Ireland. Flood Risk Management Services is the Business Unit in the OPW tasked with discharging this responsibility.

Further details about the OPW and its work may be found on the OPW’s website.

The GIS Officer (Grade III) is responsible for processing, preparing and quality-assuring spatial data for use internally and externally. In addition, they liaise with both internal and external stakeholders in order to deliver effectively on projects. They also research and implement new technologies and solutions to improve the efficiencies in the entire data process chain, including data collection, collation, quality assurance, analysing, reporting and sharing of spatial and non-spatial data.

Key Responsibilities

The primary functions of the OPW’s flood risk management programme is to:

  • Develop and deliver appropriate work programmes and flood relief measures;
  • Maintain an effective programme of maintenance of river courses drained and flood defence schemes constructed under the provisions of the Arterial Drainage Acts, 1945 and 1995; and
  • Advise the Government on flood risk management and flood risk management policy.

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The closing date for applications to be returned for this role is 24th August 2023

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