Key to bringing sustainability in your workplace: Focus on what you can control and invest in relationships

Key to bringing sustainability in your workplace: Focus on what you can control and invest in relationships

Key to bringing sustainability in your workplace: Focus on what you can control and invest in relationships

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Aishling O’ Hanlon MSCSI MRICS 

Senior International Real Estate Transaction Analyst EMEA/APAC at

Sustainability Goals

With the significance of the built environment effects on climate change, it has been incredibly rewarding to work for a company that has taken steps and set clear sustainability goals. Having achieved ambitious targets to be carbon neutral across Scope 1,2 & 3 in 2021, Indeed is now focused on reaching net zero emissions across our Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions by 2030. One of the keys to successfully reaching these goals is the strong partnership between our newly formed Environmental Social & Governance (ESG) and our established global Real Estate and Facilities teams.

Green Lease Clauses

As we looked towards our own buildings, I conducted research to better inform our approach to sustainable leasing. We were able to complete an initial set of ‘green lease’ clauses to be incorporated into all new and renewed leases. The green clauses drafted outlined specific environmental data required for Indeed to measure its sustainability performance, specifically electricity, natural gas, purchased energy, refrigerant use and waste. Approval was secured by our legal team and going our new green lease clauses will now be used in all future and renewed leases.


Current Landlord Outreach

To better understand and improve upon the performance of the offices in our current portfolio, a joint Leasing, Facilities & Sustainability effort was launched for a global outreach to existing landlords. By gathering our leasing timeline data and contacts we then were able to approach office landlords and further explore opportunities to collaborate on and accelerate new strategies to deeply reduce how Indeed’s spaces contribute to emissions.

IGBC Membership + IDA Grant

Looking towards our long-term sustainable goals, I helped to connect Indeed with the Irish Green Building Council (IGBC). We recognise that IGBC members have a tremendous wealth of knowledge in sustainable buildings and we want to both learn from and contribute to this community. We were delighted to join the IGBC as a silver member in 2021.

Working with stakeholders across our facilities and sustainability team, we also came to the decision to avail of the generous support of the IDA’s Green Plus grant towards ISO15001 certification. With the help of this grant, we aim to better improve our energy efficiency.

Looking forward

2030 is on the horizon and with juggling the return to the office, future headcount growth, ESG goals and the many more unknowns in between one could easily feel a little overwhelmed. I feel it is important to focus on what you have control over, what makes the biggest impacts on shared goals and nurturing the relationships needed to get the right work done.

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