Making a Complaint

Making a Complaint

Making a Complaint

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Complaints/Allegations/Relevant information concerning the conduct of a member of the Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland (SCSI) are considered in accordance with SCSI’s Members Professional Conduct Rules Monitoring and Investigation Procedures Disciplinary Rules and Procedures and Sanctions Policy

Click here to view our professional body complaints process roadmap

SCSI Regulation investigates the service and professionalism of its members. SCSI is not a redress body and if a member is found in breach of conduct rules, whilst sanctions may be imposed on members, no monetary compensation is awarded to complainants.

To understand what SCSI can/cannot investigate or to discuss alternative options that may be available to assist resolving your complaint contact or telephone 01 6445502

These alternative options may include:

  • Internal Complaints Handling – Raising your complaint directly with the member via the member’s internal complaints handling procedures
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution – Both parties mutually agreeing to the appointment of a dispute resolver such as a Mediator
  • Registered Building Surveyor/Registered Quantity Surveyor – If your complaint concerns the professional performance of a Registered Building Surveyor or a Registered Quantity Surveyor, the Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland is also the appointed Statutory body for this specific class of Surveyor. Complaints against Registered Building Surveyors and Registered Quantity Surveyors are handled in accordance with Part 6 Fitness to Practice under the Building Control Act 2007. Click here to view the Statutory complaints process roadmap  

  • PSRA – If the service provider you complain against is required to hold a license by law to provide that service, the statutory body responsible for ensuring certain categories of service providers are not operating without a statutory license is the Property Service Regulatory Authority

  • MSCSI/MRICS or FSCSI/FRICS – If the professional is a Chartered member of SCSI they will also be dual member of the international body for Surveyors, the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors. Under partnership arrangements all complaints, allegations, relevant information in relation to the conduct of dual members practicing in Ireland are investigated by the Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland when relevant and appropriate.

In the context that complaints are already under investigation by a Court or a statutory body, SCSI in certain circumstances may stay their proceedings until receipt of outcome of those proceedings. As a general rule, alternative proceedings do not act as automatic barrier to SCSI proceeding with its own investigations into the conduct of their members in accordance with their own rules.

Should you wish to proceed with a complaint to the Society, you are required to complete the attached Complaints Form and email to

When we receive a complaint, we undertake a detailed investigation by gathering the information we need from both complainant and member. Once the relevant information is gathered, the case is then assessed by the Director of Regulation who will decide whether the evidence supports a referral to a Professional Conduct Committee who can decide to convene a hearing with the member. There are times when the Professional Conduct Committee may need to ask witnesses including the complainant to attend the hearing to assist their investigation.

SCSI take all complaints seriously as complaints highlighted are an important source of information for both SCSI and our qualified professionals.

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