Elevate: Leadership Development & Mentoring for Women in Surveying

The SCSI is committed to increasing diversity in the surveying profession. As part of our Equality Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) strategy we have launched a mentoring and leadership development programme to support women in surveying.

About the Mentorship & Leadership Development Programme

The programme runs from April to December and provides mentees with mentorship as well as leadership training. Mentees will have access to a 6 module leadership development programme which will be delivered online from April to November with a closing event in December.

6 Leadership Development Modules:

Leadership Principles: Leadership Characteristics, Leading Yourself, the Importance of Habits etc

Self Awareness:  Managing yourself, Motivation & Emotional Intelligence

Strategic Thinking: The Strategic Process, Vision & Mission, Best practice on Implementation

Stakeholders and Communications:  Identifying and Managing Stakeholders, Influence & Persuasion as a leader, The Communication process itself

Negotiation and Facilitation Skills:  Negotiation process, Negotiation Tactics, Good Facilitation and Workplace Conflict

Goal Setting & Action Planning: Recap of the programme, Setting your goals for 2022 / 2023, The GROW Framework and Career Management

What is the role of a mentor? 

Mentors are experienced surveyors, male and female, that are willing to act as mentors to female surveying mentees, using experience and accomplishments from their own careers to support, challenge and guide their mentees.

Mentors have excellent listening skills and the ability to provide non-judgemental, honest and constructive feedback and advice. The SCSI will provide training for all mentors to grow in this skillset.

What is the role of a mentee?

A mentee should take advantage of the mentorship relationship to share their experiences, ask career questions and gain from the insight of their more experienced mentor.

Like many things in life, when it comes to mentorship, you reap what you sow. If you put in the effort, ask the questions, take on board useful advice, you can benefit greatly from it.

Benefits of becoming a Mentee

Becoming encouraged and empowered in your personal development

Identifying and creating plans to achieve career goals

Pinpointing and correcting gaps in professional skills and knowledge

Building and maintaining a broader perspective on career options and opportunities

Receiving advice from a senior role model

Expanding your professional network

Increasing your confidence[

Interested in becoming a mentee?

Our Elevate programme opens for applications on #IWD, 8th of March. Click below to apply to become a mentee. Applications will close on Friday, 24th of March 2023 at close of business.

Please note the Elevate programme is only offered to women in surveying at present. If you have questions please contact us by email at mentor@scsi.ie.

Benefits of becoming a Mentor

Becoming fully trained and supported by the Mentoring Coaching Programme

Gaining new perspectives and insights into your industry

Building up confidence in your experience

Gaining more experience in staff development

Growing in personal satisfaction and self-reflection

Developing your mentoring/coaching skillset

Receiving recognition for taking part in a programme of strategic importance to your profession

Interested in becoming a mentor?

Please click below to become a mentor for the 2023 women in surveying Elevate Programme.

Mentor Interest Form

For further details please contact us by email at mentor@scsi.ie.


The programme runs from April to December. During that time, we offer mentors training and ask that mentors commit to meeting at least 1 time a month with your mentee.

Why is this important?

Mentorship flourishes when relationships grow and develop a sense of trust and comradery. Relationships flourish when we invest in them and so meeting once a month is a key component of mentorship. In our experience, meeting regularly helps both parties to get the most out of the opportunity.

Ask yourself the following questions:​ 

  • Can I commit the time?​
  • Can I keep an open mind?​
  • Do I want to be developed?​
  • Am I open to feedback?​
  • Can I listen well?​
  • Can I ask clarification questions?​
  • Can I follow up and stay connected with my Mentor?​
  • Do I want professional accomplishment?​

  • Having an open mind and being non-judgmental.
  • Committing to the programme. ​ We ask you to commit to at least 1 meeting monthly with your mentee.
  • Dedicated to supporting your mentee to develop​.
  • Good listener that is non-judgmental, show empathy, compassion as required.
  • Good interpersonal and conflict resolution skills.
  • Being honest and constructive in your feedback​.
  • Able to use experience and accomplishments from your own career.
  • Ability to gain access to relevant information and resources.
  • Challenge, stretch and guide your mentee.

No, an APC supervisor is completely separate and helps APC candidates to become chartered surveyors. To find out more about APC supervisors click here.

We are launching the women in surveying mentorship programme as part of our commitment to Equality, Diversity & Inclusion.

We are beginning with this pilot programme for women in surveying with aim to expand assuming the programme is successful.

Yes, the SCSI will provide all mentors with training. No prior training is required to become a mentor.

Do you have further questions about Elevate?

We are happy to answer any questions. Please contact us by email at mentor@scsi.ie.

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