Surveyors Declare

Surveyors Declare

Surveyors Declare

As Chartered Surveyors, we are aware of how our business activities impact upon the environment, and we are committed to ensuring that these activities have the least possible detrimental effect on the environment. As members, we commit to following sustainable business practices in our day-to-day operations, and encouraging and supporting our clients and colleagues to instil these practices in their lives also.

The Surveyors Declare document is an important resource for Surveyors that have signed up in support of the Declaration which serves as a framework and a first step for Surveyors in tackling the climate change challenge within our practices and homes. Download

SCSI has launched the Surveyors Declare Sustainability Resource Guide to support members further in their sustainability journey, by providing basic knowledge for surveyors, giving an overview of the industry’s impact, the tools available, the best practices and other general guidance regarding sustainability. It’s a short document that can be easily read and is tailored to address the areas and concepts relatable to all our surveying members and their professions. Download

Climate Clock

The Special Report on Global Warming of 1.5°C released in 2018 by the IPCC demonstrated that 1.5°C is a critical threshold for many climate concerns. Weather extremes, such as heat waves and extreme precipitation occurrences, are predicted to rise with the increase in global temperature. The more recent 6th evaluation report released in 2022 by the IPCC stated that only the most extreme reductions in carbon emissions and disruptions in the pattern of how we consume resources from now will help prevent an environmental catastrophe as the world is expected to approach the 1.5°C level by the early years of the next decade.

Considering the amount of carbon, we are still globally emitting, the Climate Clock below collects real-time data and indicates how much time we have before the carbon limit runs out. It clearly shows that we need to get our acts aligned and work towards building a zero-carbon future.

I will:

  • Strive to limit the use of fossil fuels in my practice
  • Act in accordance with the best principles for the mitigation of environmental harm and the enhancement of environmental quality for all
  • Strive to ensure that the uses of natural resources are fair and sustainable taking account of the needs of a diverse society
  • Use my skills and experience to serve the needs of the environment and society
  • Serve as an example to others for responsible environmental behaviour
  • be aware of, and aim to observe and support the United Nations Sustainable Development goals

I am committed to:

Surveying Activities:

  • Ensuring environmental practices are included in my assessment of suppliers and contractors and that their performance in this area forms part of the selection criteria utilised
  • Purchasing products and services that have the least known environmental impact, where this is feasible
  • Encouraging suppliers and contractors to implement sustainable environmental systems
  • Minimising the use of hazardous chemicals and solvents and instructing agents acting on my behalf to do the same
  • Using materials, fittings and furnishings from sustainable sources where feasible


  • Reducing my carbon footprint as much as possible
  • Optimising energy efficiency and conservation in all operations
  • Reducing the impact of transportation in my business activities


  • Actively promoting reduce, reuse and recycling in my office and/or workplace
  • Minimising waste generation and unnecessary resource usage during the stages of planning, design and operation of new and existing business activities


  • Endeavour to  incorporate biodiversity  in both new build projects, infrastructure projects and in managing existing buildings.
  • Take measures to avoid  impact on ecosytems and were impacts cannot be avoided,  take measures to reduce the duration or extent of impact


  • Optimising water efficiency and conservation in all operations
  • Mitigating risk of polluting water courses

SCSI Climate & Biodiversity Emergency Declaration

The Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland  have declared a Climate and Biodiversity Emergency.

Why declare a Climate & Biodiversity Emergency?

The reason we are declaring a CLIMATE AND BIODIVERISTY EMERGENCY is because climate change is the greatest threat of our time and has far reaching implications for the real estate industry and all our futures. Buildings and construction play a major part, accounting for nearly 40% of energy-related carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions whilst also having a significant impact on our natural habitats.  We are not doing enough in our profession to address this, and we want to change this.

The Emergency Declaration

By declaring the emergency, we are stating that we are: 

  • Raising awareness of the climate and biodiversity emergencies, and the urgent need for mitigation and adaptation action amongst ourselves, our colleagues, employees, clients, peers, collaborators and supply chains. 
  • Advocating for faster change in our industry towards regenerative practices,  
  • Committing to sharing knowledge and research on an open-source basis, to address the climate and biodiversity emergencies. 
  • We are saying that we are not doing enough, and we want to change that. 

The SCSI invites you to join us in making this Declaration by publicly signing our ‘Surveyors Declare’ Declaration.  

SCSI Sustainability Policy & Template for Firms

The Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland are aware of how our business activities impact upon the environment, and we are committed to ensuring these activities have the least possible detrimental effect on our environment.  

The SCSI has adopted its Sustainability Policy as a framework to progress our aim of striving to promote sustainability and follow sustainable business practices in our day-to-day operations, encouraging and supporting our members to instil these practices in their own business. 

We have also made this policy available to members firms as a template which can be used and adopted by members firms to incorporate sustainability practices into their day-to-day operations.    Download SCSI Sustainability Policy

Download Sustainability Template

SCSI Members Committed to Surveyors Declare

Thank you to our member for signing up to support the Surveyors Declare initiative. Please note new member sign-ups are added to this page on Fridays.

Manus Agnew

Stephen Ashe


Declan Bagnall

Declan Baxter

Maureen Bayley

Fergal Beacon

Clive Beatty

Edwin Becerra

Avril Behan

Danny Bonner

David Bourke

Rebecca Breen

Derek Brennan

Nikki Brooks

Gareth Brown

Richard Buchanan

Simon Bull

Alfie Burns

Emer  Byrne

Roy Byrne

Sean Byrne

Shauna Byrne

Vincent Byrne

Aimee Cafferty

Conor Cahalane

John Cairns

Shane Caldwell

Aonghus Callanan

Bruce Campbell

Andrew Carlin

Denis Carron

Sam Carthy

Lisa Cassidy

Sathish Chandragiri

David Clarke

Lena Clarke

Colin Cleary

Tom Cleary

Kieran Clohessy

Daryl Cody

Elaine Coghlan

Niamh Comber

Helen Connaughton

Micheál Connolly

Neil Connolly

Tom Corr

John Corridan

Joseph Coyle

Sarah Critchley

Kathy Cruise

david cullen

Jenna Culligan

Niall Curley

Patrick Curran

Nigel Cusack

Cormac Daly

Patrick Darmody

Robert Deane

Edgar Delaney

Ian Devane

Denis Doherty

Conor Dolan

Mary Doran

Patrick Dowling

Mary Doyle

Jim Drew

James Duffy

Niall Dullaghan

Niall Egan

Lily Ellis

Catherine Ennis

Sean Enright

Orla Feerick

Enda Fields

Jason Finch

Evelyn Finegan

Lisa Finn

Robert Lindsay

Rowena Crowley

Adrian Trueick

Barry Finnegan

Sarah Finnegan

Paul Fisher

Miguel Fitzgerald

Darren Fitzsimons

Peter Flanagan

Mary Flynn

William Furlonjg

Ivan Gaine

Annamaria Gallivan

Kieran Galvin

Hannah Ganly

Sarah Garry

Eamon Gavigan

Nessan Geary

Malcolm Gerry

Johanna Gill

Nicola Gilleece

Conor Gillett

Claire Glynn

Harriet Grant

Mark Green

Eoin Griffin

Bryn Griffiths

Bernard Hanley

Shane O’Hanlon

Colin Harney

Vincent Harney

Frank Harrington

Liam Harris

Paul Harvey

Philip Harvey

Suzanne Hawe

Camilla Hayes

Leonard Healy

Lisa Healy

Paul Hegarty

Oliver Held

Mark Hennessy

John Henry

Eloise Heron

Peter Hester

Paul Hipwell

Dermot Hogan

Kevin Hollingsworth

Hugh  Holt

Alan Hore

Peter Houlihan

Eoin Hughes

Karol Jackson

Graham Jones

Barry Kavanagh

Graham Kavanagh

Greg Kaveh

Jana Keane

Paul Keaney

Enda Kearns

Dermot Kehily

Brian Kehoe

Colin Kelly

Derek Kelly

John Kelly

Liam Kelly

Mark Kelly

Nigel Kelly

Paul Kelly

Cormac Kennedy

Roger Keogh

Frank Keohane

Yvonne Kiernan

Dermot Kinane

Aodhan King

Ben King

Kevin King

Raymond Laffan

Rian Lagan

Celia Lamb

Mary Lavelle

Zlatina Vasilev

Declan O’Reilly

Peter Kenny

Lorcan Lawler

Conor Lawlor

Warren Leahy

Andrew Leaver

Phil Lennon

Anthony Leonard

Emma Leonard

Victor Levingstone

Robert Lindsay

Philip Littlewood

Anya Llewellyn

Robert Lloyd

Oliver Long

Colm Luddy

Francis Lunney

Sarah Lynch

Ian Lyons

William Lyons

Ken MacDonald

Fergus MacMahon

Donal Madigan

Micheál Mahon

Niamh Mansfield

Ausra Marcelyte

Paddy Markey

Audrey Martin

Gary Mathews

Enda Mc Guane

Roisin McAuliffe

Barra  McCabe

Joseph McCaffrey

Gavin McCall

Luke McCarthy

Michael McCarthy

Sean McCormack

Conor McCormick

Andrew McCracken

Shane McCullagh

David McDonnell

Paul McDowell

peter mcfarlane

Kevin McHugh

Lisa McInerney

John McKay

Johnny McKenna

Michael McKenna

Eimear McNerney

Andrew Mearns

Cormac Meehan

Fergus  Merriman

John Miller

Anne-Louise Mitchell

Gavin Mitchell

Peter Moloney

Kevin Mooney

Tom Moore

Orla Moran

Fintan Morgan

Jack Morrison

Alan Morrissey

Shane Mullin

Mark Mulville

Walter Murphy

David Murray

Áine Myler

Robert Neill

Eugen Niculae

John Nolan

Margaret Nolan

Robert Nolan

David O Brien

Stephen O Callaghan

Patrick O’ Connor

Freda O Donnell

David O Neill

Maurice O Neill

Joseph O’ Mahony

Stephen McDonogh

Emma Courtney

Jim O’Reilly

Majella O’ Regan

Patrick O’ Kane

Siobhan O’Dwyer

David OBrien

David O’Brien

Mark O’Brien

Des O’Broin

Aidan O’Connor

Barty O’Connor

Anthony O’Donnell

Conor O’Dwyer

Peter O’Flynn

Andrew OGorman

Shane O’Hanlon

Aidan O’Hare

Killian O’Higgins

Andrew O’Kelly

Derry O’Neill

Isobel O’Regan

Niamh O’Reilly

Diarmuid O’Shaughnessy

Micheal O’Shea

Mairead OSullivan

Gerard O’Toole

Andrew Paul

Richard Phelan

Louise Philips

Brendan Prenty

Conor Purcell

Jack Quinn

Pat Quirke

Gianangelo Radaelli

Roisin Rafferty

Andrew Ramsey

Krystyna Rawicz

Max Reilly

cormac renaghan

Michael Reynolds

Niall Reynolds

Patrick Roe

Eoin Ryan

John Ryan

Kevin Ryan

Austin Sammon

George Saurin

Derry Scully

Stephen Scully

Patrick Shanley

John Shannon

Robert Shaw

James Shine

Ross Shorten

Martin Sinnott

Colin Smyth

Mark Smyth

Claire Solon

James Stephenson

Jim Stone

Mark Synott

Jhon Thatcher

Jana Thompson

Fergal Troy

Ryszard Trzeciak

Brendan Turley

Gillian Tyrrell

Matthew Vanston

Peter Waller

Andrew Walsh

Ian Wardle

Naomi Wardle

Shane Wherity

Brian Williams

Peter Williams

Niall Woods

Marcus Wren

Siobhan Young

Ronan Keogh

Hassanah Roseli

James Meagher

Peter Rowan

Firms Supporting the Surveyors Declare Initiative

AECOM Ireland

Anisorian Real Estate

Aramark Property


Bagnall Doyle MacMahon




Carron + Walsh

CBRE Ireland

Charterhouse Infrastructure Consultants


Cushman & Wakefield

DNG Group

Duff & Phelps Real Estate Advisory Group

Eloise Consulting ltd

Greystar Ireland

Hibernia REIT plc


John McCarthy & Associates Chartered Quantity Surveyors Ltd.

Kerrigan Sheanon Newman Construction Consultants

Knight Frank Ireland

KRA Renewables

KRA Visionary Project Partners

Lambert Smith Hampton Ireland

Leonard & Williams



Mason Owen & Lyons

MGM Partnership

Mitchell McDermott

Mulcahy McDonagh & Partners Ltd

Murphy Mulhall

Property Boundaries Ireland Ltd


Rogerson Reddan & Associates



Sherry FitzGerald New Homes and Sherry FitzGerald Group

Sigma Retail Partners

The Building Consultancy

Turner & Townsend

TWM Property

Winters Property

WKN Real Estate Advisors

Wyse Property Management

Sustainability Working Group

Sustainability Working Group
The Sustainability Working Group within the Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland (SCSI) is made up of a group of approximately 18 committee members across a number of disciplines. The Sustainability group works on behalf of the membership to provide support, advice and draw up policies to augment knowledge and awareness for our members on all matters relating to sustainability across each of the Societies’ professional groups.

Member Benefits
The Sustainability Working Group are also instrumental in driving other projects for the benefit of members.  These include the ongoing policy formation, which will help our industry adapt as we move towards a complete decarbonization of the Built Environment by 2050. In addition, the Working Group also organises CPDs, contributes articles to the Surveyors Journal and e-zine. to support education and develop awareness among our membership.

Find out more

If you are interested in finding out more about the Sustainability Group please contact us at

#WorldGreenBuildingWeek with the Surveyors

What are the advantages of going green?

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